Apr 29, 2013


Join the JETRO ZONE Program at ITpro EXPO 2013, a major ICT event in Japan.
Selected companies will receive free booth space with exclusive interpreter and PR services


Meet the Japanese ICT industry in [ITproEXPO 2013], The major ICT exhibition which gathering four themes:
"Cloud days Tokyo 2013", "Bigdata EXPO 2013", "Smartphone & Tablet 2013" and "Security 2013".
The event will take place on coming October at Tokyo.
In "JETRO ZONE" inside ITproEXPO 2013, JETRO will provide a booth, exclusive interpreter, PR services,
for selected foreign cmopanies.

ITpro EXPO 2013 Outline

Location : Tokyo Big SightTo other site, Tokyo, Japan
Date : October 9 (Wed) - 11 (Fri), 2013
Exhibitors : 300 (previous year's no.)
Visitors : 60,000 (estimated)
Organizer : Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Concurrent events : Security 2013, Cloud Days Tokyo 2013 Fall, BigData 2013 Fall, Smartphone & Tablet 2013 Fall,e-Document JAPAN 2013 .

Exhibition's sector:

(1)Cloud Computing:
Private Cloud Construction Support System, Public Cloud Installation Support, Virtualized Environment Construction, Infrastructure Service, Various SaaS Application, Virtualized Software, and so forth

Firewall/VPN, UTM products, IDS/IPS, access control/authentication, Filtering, DoS attack, Virus, Spyware, and phishing countermeasures, information leak countermeasures, coding, physical security, Mail Security

(3)Server and storage:
PC/UNIX servers, main frames/office computers, storage, rack, KVM switches, UPS, various peripheral devices and equipment

(4)Business applications:
ERP package, SCM-related, software, PDM, EC-related applications, SFA/SRM, CRM, engineering software, groupware, contents/document management, knowledge management.

OS, Virtualization, database, TP monitors, application servers, web services/, SOA/ESB-related software, EAI/ETL, EDI, communication software, emulators, various middlewares.

Switches/routers, wireless LAN-related products, RFID (IC tag), related products, speed-up/optimization, web/cash servers, mail servers, remote, various network servers, VoIP gateway, IP, phones, CTI, TV/video conferencing

Target participants for JETRO Zone

(1)Companies interested in investing in Japan, or currently seeking Japanese partners to establish a business in Japan
(2)About 12 companies to be selected through JETRO’s screening process

Benefits to participants - free of charge

(1)Booth space with stand and basic equipment (1 booth per company), located inside the JETRO Zone, indicating participant is a company JETRO has chosen to showcase to ITpro Expo 2013 attendees
(2)An interpreter working exclusively for each company (upon request, if applicable)
(3)PR activities to the Japanese industry

Costs borne by participants

i) Round-trip airfare to Japan, hotel accommodations, and local transportation within Japan (Guidance for hotel accommodations and local travel will be provided by JETRO)
ii) International and domestic transportation of additional exhibit material to and from the exhibition site
iii) Any costs incurred by additions made to the basic booth stand provided by JETRO. Examples include, but are not limited to, additional construction/decoration costs, or the rental and installation of additional equipment, etc.
iv> Insurance for the exhibited items and personal travel insurance

How to Apply

After you have read and agreed to the "[Rules & Regulations]", complete the "[application form] and submit it, together with supplementary materials (company brochure, product literature and technical white paper), to JETRO Tel-Aviv.
Deadline of sending the application is June 5th, 2013 (Thursday)


i JETRO will screen applicants and select companies to participate. Application is due on *June 5th, 2013 (Thursday). Results will be available during July 2013.
ii JETRO’s services will be provided only to firms accepted as participants.
iii Any costs incurred due to the participant’s withdrawal from the program, after JETRO has notified them that they are an official participant, shall be borne by the participant.

For more information, please contact:

Kei Takagi (Mr.)
Manager, JETRO Tel-Aviv
TEL: +972-3-6881739, 6882207
FAX: +972-3-5379157
Email :