JETRO ZONE @ Green Device 2009

May 31, 2009

JETRO is inviting foreign companies to exhibit in Green Device 2009, the annual exhibition of environment-friendly devices and solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to find your business partners in the Japanese market!

About Green Device 2009

Date:October 28(Wed)- 30(Fri), 2009
Venue:Pacifico Yokohama
Exhibitors:326 companies (figure for FPD International 2008)
Visitors:68,330 (for FPD International 2008)
Organizer:Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

Main exhibits

1.New lighting:LEDs, OLEDs, etc.
【Devices】LEDs, OLEDs and other lighting devices and units
【Components and materials】LED chip modules, substrate materials, resists, encapsulation materials, polarization and reflecting sheets, optical films, heat-resistant and heat-radiating materials, phosphors, OLED materials, drive ICs, controllers, etc.
【Manufacturing/test equipment】 CVD systems, sputtering systems, vacuum deposition systems, epitaxial growth systems, laser annealing systems, etching systems, dicing machines, packaging systems, bonding equipment, wash systems, transport systems, measurement instruments (brightness, color, hue), inspection systems for appearance, surface defects, etc.

2.New energy:Solar cells, fuel cells, waste heat utilization, etc.
【Devices】 Solar cells and modules, fuel cell systems
【Components and materials】 Silicon ingots and wafers, substrate materials, target materials, inverters, converters, electrodes, catalysts, etc.
【Manufacturing/test equipment】 Ingot manufacturing systems, CVD systems, sputtering systems, vacuum deposition systems, epitaxial growth systems, laser annealing systems, slicing machines, cutting machines, electrode forming systems, cell evaluation and inspection systems, measurement and inspection systems for appearance/surface defects, other measurement and inspection systems, hydrogen generation and storage systems, gas sensors (hydrogen, etc.), etc.

3.Energy conservation:Rechargeable batteries, power semiconductors, superconducting power transmission technology, low-power displays, and other low-power electronic devices

About JETRO ZONE @ Green Device 2009 program

JETRO will invite foreign companies interested in investing in Japan, or currently seeking Japanese partners to establish a business in Japan. (Up to 25 companies)

Attractive features of participation
1. Held simultaneously with FPD International, which attracts many visitors.
2. JETRO will pre-arrange business meetings for participants.
3. Participant information will be publicized on the JETRO website, and by local governments to local companies.
4. Participant information will be listed in the “JETRO Zone exhibitors’ brochure” (to be distributed before the event and on-site).
5. Participation costs will be partly covered by JETRO.

Expenses covered by JETRO
1. Booth space (max one booth per company).
2. Basic booth stand, designed by JETRO and with basic equipment provided.
3. An interpreter working exclusively for each invitee.
4. Round-trip airfare (economy class) and program-related transportation within Japan (one person per company)
5. Accommodation in Japan at a hotel designated by JETRO for the duration of the invitation program (one person per company).

How to Apply?

Please refer the “Rules&Regulations” form, fill the “application form”, and send to JETRO Tel-Aviv, by June 5, 2009

For more information, please contact:
Kei Takagi (Mr.)
JETRO Tel-Aviv
Migdaley Aviv A-8F, 48 Menachem Begin st., Tel-Aviv 66184
TEL: +972-(0)3-6881739 FAX: +972-(0)3-5379157