BIZMATCH@nanotech 2009

Nov 03, 2008

JETRO will hold “BIZMATCH@nanotech 2009” (February 18th –20th), a company presentation and business matching event, during “nanotech 2009”, the world’s largest nanotechnology event.
BIZMATCH@nanotech 2009 aims to connect Japanese and foreign firms in nanotechnology and related high-tech fields.

Event Details (BIZMATCH@nanotech 2009)

Date: February 18th (Wednesday) –20th (Friday), 2009 (During nano tech 2009)
Location: TOKYO BIG SIGHT, Tokyo, Japan
Organizers: Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Nanotechnology Business Creation Initiative (NBCI)

Services Offered to Participants

1) 20-minute company presentation at nanotech 2009 (Feb 18th - 19 th)
Present your company to potential partners at the world’s premier nanotechnology event.
Consecutive Japanese-English interpretation provided.

2) One-on-one pre-arranged business meetings (Feb 18th - 20 th)
Take part in one-on-one meetings with potential Japanese partners
In principle, each meeting will be 50 minutes long and will be in English.
Consecutive Japanese-English interpreters may be arranged if Japanese companies request.

3) Introductory seminar on Japan’s nanotechnology market (Feb 18th, morning)

4) Free admission to nanotech 2009

5) Publication and promotion (include listing in directory and on website)

Participation Fee

Participation in BIZMATCH@nanotech 2009 and the above services are offered free of charge.
Participants must cover other costs such as transportation, accommodation, etc.


1. Participant companies must be non-Japanese and both of the below:
Searching for a Japanese business partner
NOT have a subsidiary or branch office in Japan

2. Other important requirements
Participants must be able to take part in the entire three-day event. Participants can be away from the meeting venue while they have no-prearranged meetings.
Ideally, participant(s) should be person(s) responsible for sales and/or technology divisions.
Please inform JETRO staffs of mobile phone number when being away from the meeting venue.

In general, the company must NOT have an exclusive sales agent or distributor in Japan. Foreign companies with sales agents or distributors in Japan must obtain a letter of consent from such third parties and submit it to JETRO prior to or at the start of the event.
Participants must have tangible products, services and technologies relevant to nanotech 2009.
Companies that participated in BIZMATCH in the past must have new or upgraded product/service/technology.
Universities and research institutes whose main purpose for participation is presenting their research work are NOT eligible; consulting firms, resellers/distributors, and outsourcing firms are also NOT eligible.

Categories of nanotech 2009

Fullerence, Carbon nanotube, Photonics materials, Composite materials, Excellent magnetic materials, Nano cluster, Nano glass, Nano particle colloid, Nano coating, Nano metal, Nano ceramics, Nano composite materials, Highly pure material

[Nano fabrication technology]
Thin film manufacturing technology, Etching, Laser ion beam processing, Electron beam processing, Priming charge processing, Exposure equipment for micro circuit manufacture, Ultra precision surface processing technology, Nano particle mixture, Dispersion, Fusion bonding technology, Next-generation lithography, Nano imprint, Femto second laser

[Evaluation & measurement]
Optical microscopes, SPM, AFM, LSI test probers, Ultra precision measuring instruments, designing tools, simulation, Electron microscopes (SEM, TEM), Molecular designing software, Piezo stage

Information and communication equipment, Sensors, Gyros, Infrared imagers, Mini-motors, Ultra fine and narrow-space tools, Catheters, Endoscopes

[IT & electronics]
Quantum dots, Quantum wires, Quantum devices, Molecular devices, Photonic devices, Next-generation LSIs, Data storage, Next-generation cells, Next-generation displays, Optical communications materials

[Environment & energy]
Photocatalyst, Hydrogen absorption storage tanks, Exhaust gas catalyst, Fuel cell materials (films, electrodes, systems), Secondary battery materials, Energy storage, Environment evaluation/monitoring/nondestructive inspection system, Environmental cleanup, technology with less adverse impact

Drug design, DNA chips, Protein chips, DDS, Genome-based drug discovery, Bio reactors, Health care chips, Micro TAS, DNA manipulation, Molecular imaging

How to Apply

Download the application

Complete the Application Form and submit it, together with 5 sets of supplementary materials (company brochure, product literature and technical white paper) and 4-5 images (e.g., company logo, photo of products, facilities, etc.) to JETRO Tel-Aviv office.
Please note: the deadline of submitting this application is November 16, 2008

The 4-5 images will be used for advertisement materials such as brochure and panel that JETRO will make. Since the pictures are blown up to be embedded into a panel that is around 40 centimeters square, it will be best if a resolution of 300-350dpi can be achieved.


Event organizers (JETRO and NBCI) will screen applicants and select around 20 companies to participate.
Results will be available from end-November 2008.

About nanotech 2009

nano tech is the world’s largest annual nanotechnology exhibition and conference event, providing a platform for companies and organizations from all over the world to showcase their cutting-edge products, services and technologies. Last year’s event attracted 49,365 visitors and 522 exhibitors. For more information, please visit the event’s websiteTo other site.

For more information contact

JETRO Tel-Aviv office
att: Kei Takagi(Mr.)
Migdaley Aviv A-8F, 48 Menachem Begin, Tel-Aviv 66184
Tel: 03-688-1739   Fax: 03-537-9157