Japan Berlin Impact Night: Vol.2 on 11 September 2023

Sep 05, 2023

"Japan Berlin Impact Night: Vol.2" welcomes European climate-tech and foodtech startups, offering a gateway to the vast opportunities in the Japanese market.

This premier networking event dives deep into Japan's dynamic foodtech and climate-tech sectors and the emerging trends shaping the startup environment.

For startups ready to make their mark in the Japanese ecosystem, eager to solidify powerful alliances with elite Japanese companies, or striving to comprehend Japan's progressive tech landscape, this event is your nexus to unmatched insights, potent networking, and boundless opportunities.

Date and time: September 11 · 5 - 8pm CEST

Placee: Berlin

Organized by JETRO, Kobe-city, Hyogo prefecture

Powered by Crossbie, ProVeg Incubator

See  Japan Berlin Impact Night: Vol.2 for details and registration!

*This is a hybrid event.