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An event watched keenly by the world’s CVC players: Corporate Venture in Brasil 2022 takes place

(Japan and Brazil)
January 11, 2023

*This article was originally published in Japanese. All information in this article is as of November 16, 2022.

Corporate Venture in Brasil 2022 was held in São Paulo, Brazil, on October 25th and 26th, 2022, an event organized by Global Corporate Venturing (GCV) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The event comprised talk sessions by the world’s corporate venture capitals (CVCs),(1) pitch sessions by local startups, and active networking by participants. CVCs, large firms, and startups not just from South America but from all over the world were among the nearly 600 registered participants.

Scene from Corporate Venture in Brasil 2022 (photograph by JETRO)

Scene from Corporate Venture in Brasil 2022 (photograph by JETRO)

Five companies from Japan, Israel, and Singapore—countries taking part in Scale Up in Brazil (2) —
gave presentations for startup pitch sessions. Speakers from Japan were Credit Engine, Inc.,External site: a new window will open. which plans, develops and operates online loan platforms, and Axelspace CorporationExternal site: a new window will open., which offers comprehensive solutions for microsatellites, including their development, launch, and operation. Both speakers emphasized the need for strategic partners and business prospects in the Brazilian market.

Scene from a pitch session (photo by JETRO)

Scene from a pitch session (photo by JETRO)

Internationally active CVCs discussed their point of view on the advantages of the Brazilian market, along with other topics, during the International Corporate Venture Capitalists' Insights: Cases and Trends talk session. Markus Solibieda, Managing Director of BASF Venture CapitalExternal site: a new window will open.,expressed enthusiasm for investment activities in Brazil, sharing his company's ongoing willingness to invest actively in startups in Brazil. Strong reasons include Brazil's fintech and agri-tech strengths and the country's unique startup ecosystem consistent with its social issues. GCV will hold its GCV Asia Congress 2022External site: a new window will open. in Tokyo on November 16th. CVCs, VCs, and other players from Asia’s startup ecosystem will be meeting to discuss investment in Japan and other Asian countries, as well as success stories. It is hoped that the event in Japan will emulate the success of the Brazilian event to create even greater business opportunities.

(1) Investment by corporations in external startups; also companies established by corporations for the purpose of conducting investment in startups.
(2) Support program for startups operating in Brazil, conducted jointly by Apex-Brasil, JETRO, the Israeli Foreign Trade Administration, and Enterprise Singapore. (See article published September 21, 2022).External site: a new window will open. *Only in Japanese

Report by:
IIMURA Toru and UEDA Momoka Innovation Promotion Division, JETRO

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