Japan Street: Online catalogue exclusive for buyers

Apr 26, 2023

Japan Street

Our online catalogue exclusive for buyers

Interested in products from Japan

*launched in Jan. 2021*


All entrepreneurs interested in importing a wide variety of products from Japan are invited to actively use the Japan Street platform provided by JETRO. Japan Street takes the form of an online catalog, where you can find, among other things, everyday items, food (both fresh and processed), beverages, ceramics, dishes, cosmetics, stationery, textiles, and even specialized equipment or machinery (the list of products available on the site is constantly updated).


Creating an account on the Japan Street platform allows buyers not only to search for products on the site, but also to make direct contact with selected manufacturers, send requests for quotes or arrange business meetings online.

For more information on Japan Street, please visit:

Japan Street - Meet Japanese Companies with quality



For all potential buyers from Austria, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia and Montenegro, in order to register to Japan Street platform, contact us at wien_info(at)jetro.go.jp.


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Japanese Anime Newsletter Vol. 1, 2023

If you are interested in buying products from Japan, please sign up!

How to sign up for JAPAN STREET? Please contact us at wien_info(at)jetro.go.jp