[RFP] Request for VerdeXchange 2022

May 24, 2022


The JETRO Los Angeles office (“JETRO”) is currently looking for organizations/companies to participate the VerdeXchange2022. VerdeXchange's 15th annual cross-platform California conference will take place at The Omni Los Angeles Hotel In DTLA on June 19-22 to examine how cities, states, and regions, in collaboration with public and private partners and community stakeholders, should and will leverage the $1.1 trillion in US infrastructure funding now flowing, after decades of neglect, to optimize economic recovery, maximize transformational climate infrastructure investments, and accelerate growth of the global clean energy economy.


  1. Subject: Seeking Exhibitors for VerdeXchange 2022
  2. Deadline date for Application submission: Tuesday, June 7th, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. PDT



    1. Exhibitors Requirements
      See the document

    2. Position Available
      Approx.10 companies

    3. Exhibitors Fee
      Exhibitors' Fees are to be determined based on how to be involved in the event
      Companies are responsible for any expenses to be occurred

    4. Language

    5. Application Process:
      Please fill in the application form, sign and save it as a PDF, attach following material and send them to JETRO Los Angeles via email.
      • Application form in the separate sheet
      • Brief bio of the speaker (100~150 characters)
      • Profile picture
      • Company logo
      Relevant materials explaining the applicant’s achievements/experience in the relevant field, corporation profile, etc. will be helpful, if any.

    6. Please send the application to:
      JETRO Los Angeles
      EMAIL: Norihiko_Saeki@jetro.go.jp, Kumiko_Torres@jetro.go.jp, Maai_John@jetro.go.jp
      Atten: Norihiko Saeki, Kumiko Torres, Maai John

    7. Application Deadline:
      Thursday, June 9th, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. PDT

    8. Privacy Policy:
      Personal data collected through this application process is used solely to select a contractor.

    9. Contact:
      JETRO Los Angeles
      Atten: Norihiko Saeki, Kumiko Torres, Maai John
      EMAIL: Norihiko_Saeki@jetro.go.jp, Kumiko_Torres@jetro.go.jp, Maai_John@jetro.go.jp



Attachment 1: FY2022_JETRO_LA_Seeking Exhibitors for VerdeXchange 2022.pdf

Attachment 2: FY2022_JETRO_LA_VerdeXchange2022_Application Form.xlsx