[RFP] Japanese Wagyu Promotion in the Midwest

Nov 04, 2021

1. Request for Proposal Overview

    JETRO Chicago is currently looking for a contractor for the planning, development, and implementation of 
    Japanese Wagyu promotion targeting mainly chefs and owners of high-end restaurants in Chicago in order
    to improve the willingness of restaurants in Chicago to handle Japanese Wagyu beef and increase the
    number of restaurants handling Japanese Wagyu in Chicago.


2. How to apply

    Please see the attached Guideline for Proposal “Attachment 1” and Specification “Attachment 2”.


3. Notification:

    Applicants whose proposal is selected will be notified by JETRO via email. Given the nature of the bidding
    process, JETRO will refrain from providing feedback on the results.


4. Contact:

    JETRO Chicago

    Fujio Fujimoto / Daisuke Kobayashi/ Keiko Kubo

    EMAIL: Fujio_Fujimoto@jetro.go.jp / Daisuke_Kobayshi@jetro.go.jp / jetrochicago3@jetro.go.jp



Application Related Documents:

Attachment 1: Guideline for Proposal <PDF> 

Attachment 2: Specification <PDF>