RFP Request- JETRO Japanese Sake and Wagyu Promotion in the Midwest

Dec 08, 2020

1.) Request for Proposal Overview

JETRO Chicago is currently looking for a contractor to develop programs to boost sales of Japanese Sake and/or Wagyu in the Midwest.


2.) General Information
(1) Subject: JETRO Japanese Sake and Wagyu Promotion

The contractor will develop and deliver programs to increase sales of Japanese Sake and/or Wagyu in the Midwest

(2) Term of contract:
From the contract start date to March 31, 2021

(3) Instructions to Applicants

  Application Deadline: Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 5:00 PM (CDT)

  Proposal shall be sent to the following contacts via email:

  JETRO Chicago

  Fujio Fujimoto / Moeko Otsuchi

  TEL: +1-312-832-6000 (Ex. 107)

  EMAIL:Fujio_Fujimoto@jetro.go.jp Moeko_otsuchi@jetro.go.jp


(4) Application Process: As indicated in Guideline for Proposal (Attachment 1) and Specification (Attachment 2)


3.) Qualification Requirements

1. Is able to secure sufficient work time to implement the project

2. Has broad and effective experience, network, and knowledge necessary for the implementation of the project

3. Has an established organizational structure and capabilities to manage and complete the project properly


4.) Language:
English or Japanese


5.) Evaluation of Application
JETRO evaluates each application based on the proposal provided with the creative ideas to develop new consumers and the potential for collaborations with U.S. based food & beverage/restaurant associations. JETRO does not provide reasons for the final decision. 


6.) Notification:
Applicants whose proposal is selected will be notified by JETRO via email. Given the nature of the bidding process, JETRO will refrain from providing feedback on the results. 


Application Related Documents:

Attachment 1: Guideline for Proposal 

Attachment 2: Specification