[RFP] FY2022 “Invest Japan Lead Generation Project”

Jun 28, 2022


  1.        Subject:- The Lead Generation Project on Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment into Japan
  2.        Term of contract- the contract day to March 24th, 2023
  3.        Closing date for Application- 12:00 pm (PST) on July 12th, 2022
  4.        Contents of Contract- As indicated in Application Guidelines (Attachment 1)
  5.        Project budget: USD $45,000



  1.        Qualification requirements
            • a. Prospective candidate(s) engaged in the project must satisfy conditions stated in the Application        Guidelines (Attachment 1)
            • b. NOT under the circumstances of being denied participation due to unethical and/or unlawful 
                  activities by either JETRO or Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) from previous
                  procurement offerings


  1.        Preparation of Application

  Application shall be prepared on the Application Form included in this RFP. Applicants shall enter all 
  requested information in the appropriate spaces on the Application Form. No oral, telephone,
  facsimile will be accepted. All costs of preparation shall be borne by the Applicants.


  1.        Delivery of Application

  All Application forms (see below) shall be sent by email no later than 12:00 pm (PST) on July 12th
Required to submit by email only:

  Signed Application Form 1 copy

  Business Proposal  1 copy       

  •  Attn: Andrew Fast

     Email: Andrew_Fast@jetro.go.jp


  1.        Language of Application- English and /or Japanese

  2.        Evaluation of Application-

    1st evaluation: Screening of Application documents by JETRO San Francisco

    2nd evaluation: Presentation by Selected Applicants will be conducted through online meetings with JETRO San Francisco.* Tentatively Scheduled for July 13th or 14th 2022.

    *The detailed schedule for the presentation will be notified to the companies who pass the 1st evaluation.

    Note: JETRO also does not return any documents provided.  


    1.        Announcement of Tender- Tender will be announced to bidders by email. Given the nature of the bidding process, JETRO will refrain from providing feedback on the results. Announcement of tender will be delivered by email and no later than July 22nd, 2022.


    1.        Contact-

      Andrew Fast

      Email: Andrew_Fast@jetro.go.jp