[RFP] JETRO Seeks Invest Japan Advisor - All Industries (Chicago)

Mar 30, 2016


Request for Proposal Overview


The JETRO Chicago office (here in after called 'JETRO') is currently looking for Invest Japan Advisor. If you are interested in this position, please submit your application documents to JETRO Chicago office in accordance with the following guidelines. 


Main Objective:

  1. Contribute to the increase of Japan's international competitveness and creation of innovation and job growth in Japan in order to invite new investment into Japan.


Application Duration:

(Open) March 29th, 2016 (Tuesday)  (End) April 11th, 2016 (Monday)


Responsibility Overview:

  1. Industry Focus: All Industries
  2. Target Demographic Region: JETRO Chicago Territory (Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas)
  3. Contents of Contract: (See Application Guideline Appendix A)


Application Instructions



  1. The contracting corporation must have a local corporation or a branch in the JETRO Chicago territory. The individual contractor must reside in the JETRO Chicago territory with a valid working visa.
  2. The applicant must have skill and expertise necessary for completing the tasks listed above.
  3. The applicant must have relevant business experience in this field for a minimum of three years.
  4. The applicant must obtain consents from his / her employer for working with JETRO in this project. (If applicant is an employee of another business entity)
  5. If applicant has other business engagements besides his / her contract with JETRO, it is his / her responsibility to fulfill both JETRO and his / her other business obligations.
  6. It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure sufficient work time to perform the assigned tasks and be diligent in responding to the needs of the clients.



  1. The base paid for this position is $4,300 per month (tax included). After JETRO receive the monthly report and invoice, JETRO will pay the claimed amount to the consultant’s account. The monthly portion of the Fees for the month of April 2016 shall be prorated based on the number of remaining days of the month after this Agreement becomes effective.
  2. Administrative services such as phone/copy bills, event participation fees and transportation fee will NOT be covered by JETRO.
  3. For all traveling and accommodation expenses accrued by JETRO’s request will be covered by JETRO.  


How to Apply:

  1. Please fill in the application form and then sign and save it as a PDF. Submit this, along with your business proposal (either in PDF or PowerPoint form) to JETRO New York by email.
  2. Please include relevant materials explaining the applicant's achievements/experience in the relevant field, corporation profile, etc., if any.
  3. Please submit applications and busines proposals to:


Mr. Kohei Okui

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Chicago Office)

1 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 3350, Chicago, IL 60601

TEL: +1 312.832.6000 

FAX: +1 312.832.6066

EMAIL: kohei_okui@jetro.go.jp



Language of Application:

Applications must be submitted in either English and/or Japanese. All other languages are not accepted at this time for application purposes.


Application Process:

JETRO evaluates each application based on the information provided and the documents submitted in addition to the application (such as the business proposal). JETRO does not provide reasons for the final decision. JETRO also does not return any documents provided (if submitted by hard copy).


First Evaluation Process: Document Review

Second Evaluation Process: Interview with JETRO Chicago between April 13 and 26

  1. Level of understanding of the objectives and purposes of this project as well as the willingness to promote this project.
  2. Degree of expertise and personal connections necessary for this project
  3. Relevant business achievements and experiences in the past. (Domestically or internationally)
  4. Marketing experiences in opening up new markets
  5. Ability and agility necessary for consultation and arranging business meeting
  6. Ability to comply with the purpose of this project and performed the ALL of the tasks mentioned above.  (In English and Japanese language)

* JETRO will not provide the reason for the decision.
* The application documents will not be returned.


Application Duration:

(Open) March 29th, 2016 (Tuesday) (End) April 11th, 2016 (Monday)


Contract Definition & Duration:

  1. Contract Definition: An agreement between JETRO and the signer of the contract (individual or corporation) in terms of responsibility and confidentiality.
  2. The date of agreement to March 31st, 2017 


Privacy Policy:

Personal data collected through this application process is used solely to select a contractor.


Special Notes:

  1. The selected contractor of this BPO is required to be compliant with JETRO’s information security regulations to perform the assigned tasks.
  2. The selected contractor of this BPO is not allowed to re-outsource all or a part of the project to a third party, unless JETRO provides an advance approval in writing.
  3. The selected contractor of this BPO is required to submit monthly activity reports requested by JETRO. JETRO reserves the rights to all intellectual property in the reports and in any business accomplishments.


Application Forms 


Application Form (27KB) 


Guidelines for Proposal (68KB)  


Service Agreement (88KB) 


Non-Disclosure Agreement (64KB) 


Appendix A (22KB) 


<Publication of information relating to two or more contract individual, corporation and independent administrative agency>


For independent administrative agency contract, in "Independent Administrative Agency and Business Review of Basic policy" (December 7, 2010 Cabinet decision), and those connected to the corporation, institution, and the contract, both parties need permission to publish information about the status of transactions between the corporations in advance as well as re-employment status of OB to the corporation.


On this basis, if you decided to publish the information relating to the relationship between this all involved parties in your organization website, you need consent to the publication from our organization.

It should be noted that, you will be need to have been concluded consent application to the project.


(1)Circumstances that allow publication

Senior officers in this organization (officer experience), person who holds position of power to in decision making in an organization

That turnover between this organization, which accounts for more than one-third of total sales or revenue (By amounts in the most recent financial statements of the subject fiscal year of the execution date of the contract.)

Electricity and water bill, fuel costs, contract according to the communication expenses are not eligible. In addition, local governments and individuals are not eligible.


(2) Information that can be published

  For each contract, the name and quantity of such goods services, contract date, contract destination name, together with contract amount, etc., will be allow to publish the following listed information.

     Number of employees in this organization as well as number of senior managers in this organization

     Trade volume between organization

     Percentage of trade between two organization in total sales

     The people who are affected by the trade


(3)Information that you can provide to other organization

Contract Date, party involved, personnel involved (job title, position, etc)

Trade volume between the involved organizations in the recent fiscal years

If the information are already publicly available on the involved parties public webpage, then there’s no need to ask for permission.


(4)Date available for publication

72 days since date of contract (and 93 days for contract end in April).