[RFP] FS for Wagyu and Sake Promotions in Texas

Aug 09, 2021


  1. Subject: FS for Wagyu and Sake Promotions in Texas
  2. Term of Contract: The contract day to March 18th, 2022
  3. Closing date for Application: 10:00 am (CDT) on August 23rd, 2021
  4. Contents of Contract: As indicated in the Application Guidelines



  1. Qualification Requirements
    Prospective candidate(s) engaged in the project must satisfy conditions stated in the Application Guidelines

  2. Preparation of Application
    Applicants shall enter all requested information in the appropriate spaces on the Proposal Form (Attachment 3) and the Estimate (Attachment 4). Please submit all the documents to JETRO Houston Office via email.

  3. Delivery of Application
    All Application documents (Proposal Form and Estimate) shall be sent by email no later than 10:00 am (CDT) on August 23rd, 2021
    • Attn: Emi Shioiri
    • Email: HUT@jetro.go.jp

  4. Language of Application
    English or Japanese

  5. Evaluation of Application
    Screening of Application documents by JETRO Houston

  6. Announcement of Tender
    Tender will be announced to bidders by email. Given the nature of the bidding process, JETRO will refrain from providing feedback on the results. Announcement of tender will be delivered by email and no later than August 31st, 2021.

  7. Contact
    • Emi Shioiri (JETRO Houston)
    • Email: HUT@jetro.go.jp