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JETRO's Business Support Services for U.S. Companies

The majority of JETRO's business support services are absolutely free. JETRO's business resources support companies at various stages of the market entry process; businesses can work with JETRO on anything from setting up a corporate entity in Japan to scouting potential locations for a second or third investment.


For companies that need to access local government or business entities, JETRO offers an unmatched professional network in Japan. JETRO's half-century history, combined with its physical presence in all 47 prefectures, gives it rich local relationships companies can utilize for business. 



Overview of JETRO Services

Free Business Consultations Business Matching Program Company Setup (K.K. & G.K.)
Visa Application Support  Feasibility Market Studies Business Cost Calculator
Furnished Office Space  Subsidy Program Information  IBSC Office - One-Stop Support


Schedule a Free Business Consultation

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with JETRO's dedicated business development staff. Companies can use these consultations to discuss a variety of topics, including: the incorporation process, business costs, Japan's business culture, human resources, subsidy applications, visa and immigration forms, and more.  


Schedule a Free Business Consultation with JETRO

Find Business Partners & Distributors with our Business Matching Program

Connect with quality Japanese companies through JETRO's partnership program. This program matches U.S. companies with potential partner companies from Japan for import and export opportunities. All Japanese companies are pre-screened for quality and relevancy prior to meeting U.S. companies in order to make the partnership process as efficient as possible. This technology-oriented program serves a number of industries:

Advanced Materials Computer Software & Hardware Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data  Fintech Robotics
Energy Efficiency & Management Renewable Energy  Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
Medical Device Healthcare Technology Others


Set Up Business Entity with JETRO (K.K. & G.K.)

Learn about the various methods of incorporation available to foreign companies expanding to Japan. JETRO also helps companies identify the best incorporation method for their business as well as best registration practices in order to avoid costly delays. 

Receive Visa Application Assistance

Work with JETRO to learn more about visa requirements and the application process. JETRO helps companies identify the types of visas they need to file depending on their method of incorporation. JETRO's IBSC office also supports companies who need assistance filling out and filing visa applications. Support covers various visa and immigration topics, including entry procedures, types of working visas, resident cards, and more. 

Access Tailored Market Feasbility Studies

JETRO's market reports are created and tailored for each individual company's needs. These reports are created by JETRO's business development experts and include research on industry growth, market trends, regulation changes, subsidy programs, consumer behavior, and more. Reports are available in English, French, and Japanese. 

Estimate Incorporation Costs Using JETRO's Business Cost Calculator

Use JETRO's detailed checklist to identify the costs associated with registering a new business in Japan. JETRO's business cost calculator considers incorporation and visa fees, housing for foreign nationals, cost of living, office rent, employee benefits, and more as part of creating a comprehensive cost model.



Gain Access to the Most Recent Subsidy Incentives

Work with JETRO staff to apply for local government and national government subsidies. JETRO's extensive information network throughout Japan allows it to identify new or unusual subsidies that are often missed by boutique investment firms. 



Use Tokyo's IBSC One Stop Support Office to Streamline the Incorporation Process

The Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) is a business facility that provides convenient and cost-effective support to companies expanding to Japan. Foreign companies planning to expand their business to Japan can receive information, free consultations, registration and visa assistance, and translation support at the IBSC office.

For all IBSC locations, click HERE


JETRO's Business Support Services for Japanese Companies

Although most of JETRO's business services support U.S. companies expanding to Japan, JETRO also provides some support to Japanese companies seeking to do business in the United States.


Schedule a Free Business Consultation with JETRO 

JETRO offers free business consultation service to help Japanese companies gain insight on current market and industry trends in the U.S. Business consultations are hosted with JETRO staff member with experience in U.S. markets; all consultations are conducted on an individual level, with emphasis focused on the personal needs of the particular business.



Access Market Research Reports on U.S. Industries and Metropolitan Areas

JETRO market-entry services include market analysis and trend reports. JETROs market research is compiled on request, so all market information is uniquely tailored to assist the individual business. Japanese companies who wish to utilize JETRO's market reports must first register with JETRO through the Japanese website. 



Exhibit Products and Services at JETRO-Sponsored Tradeshows

JETRO attends several tradeshows each year across the U.S. on a variety of industry topics. Tradeshow slots offer Japanese companies a great opportunity to connect with U.S. distributors and investors in their target industry. Companies can also apply to appear at one of JETRO's many Pitch & Demo events. JETRO hosts Pitch & Demo events throughout the year which help companies prepare and deliver a pitch to potential product buyers and distributors. 


U.S. businesses interested in meeting Japanese companies seeking to establish themselves in the U.S. are strongly encouraged to attend one of the many industry tradeshows or Pitch & Demo events JETRO hosts. To arrange an introduction to Japanese companies visiting the U.S., please contact your regional JETRO office. 



Meet U.S. Businesses for Networking & Partnership Opportunities

JETRO has an extensive network of business professionals throughout the U.S. in a variety of industries. These include mentors, distributors, buyers, investors, and business accelerators. U.S. businesses interested in being a part of this network as either a mentor, potential buyer/seller of Japanese products, distributor, or business accelerator should contact their local JETRO office directly to discuss available opportunities.  


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