Japan - Finland Gateway for Open Innovation Meetup - 4 December 2018

Nov 16, 2018

Date: Tuesday 4th December 2018

Time: 19:00-21:30 (followed by networking reception)

Venue: Business Finland (Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki, Finland)

Language: English

Participation fee: Free


Our annual meetup, organised in collaboration with Business Finland, drives exchange of business innovation between Japan and Finland. We introduce Japan as the gateway of business expansion for Finnish companies - and vice versa.


Learn about the current trends, the technologies sought after by big Japanese corporations, as well as the emerging innovations from Japan. Meet startup, growth and large companies from both Finland and Japan. Presentation by major Japanese companies will be followed by a pitching session from Japanese startup exhibitors from JETRO's SLUSH 2018 J-Startup pavilion.


  Programme* <Moderator: JETRO>


  18.30-19.00  Registration


  <Part I (Auditorium)>

  19.00-19.05  Opening Remarks

  19.05-19.15  Company Presentation

                        (Mr Masami Sumiyoshi, Manager, Consulting Services, Hitachi Consulting)

  19.15-19.25  Company Presentation

                        (Mr Yuichiro Kawasaki, Head of Global Innovation Team, EMEA,Digital Transformation

                         Division MUFG Bank, Ltd.)

  19.25-19.35  Company Presentation

                        (Ms Harumi Kawakami, Business Development Specialist, Marketing & Operations Group,

                         Application Development Provider Section/Solution Div, GMO Cloud K.K.)

  19.35-19.47  Local Government Presentation

                        (Hokkaido Prefecture, Yokohama City, I-BAC)

  19.47-19.55  Introduction of business environment in Japan and JETRO support

                        (JETRO London)

  19.55-20.03  Introduction of business environment in Finland and Business Finland support

                        (Business Finland) 


  <Part II (Networking space)>

  20.10-21.30  Networking Reception (with complimentary Japanese drink and food)

  (20.25-20.57) Pitching by Japanese startups


  Japanese startup delegation:

  - CONNECTEC JAPAN Corporation (http://www.connectec-japan.com/ENG/)

  - Empath Inc. (https://webempath.com/)

  - Green Science Alliance Co.,Ltd. (https://www.gsalliance.co.jp/en/)

  - Mobilous Inc. (http://www.mobilous.com/en/index.html)

  - mui Lab, Inc. (http://mui.jp/#en)

  - Vanguard Industries Inc. (https://www.vanguard-industries.net/)

  - Yume Cloud Inc. (http://www.yume-cloud.com/)


  The local governments will have representative stands during the networking reception for enquiries:

  - Hokkaido Prefecture

  - Yokohama City (Kanagawa Prefecture)

  - I-BAC (Aichi-Nagoya International Business Access Centre)

  - Kobe City (Hyogo Prefecture)


  *The programme may be subject to change.


This seminar is an invitation-only event.

If you are interested in joining the event, please request for invitation and information to:

Ayumi Ban, Investment Team, JETRO London

LDN_Invest@jetro.go.jp or +44(0)20 7421 8315