Invest Tokyo Seminar 2018 in London - Japanese FinTech market - 19 January 2018

Jan 08, 2018


Date: Friday 19th January 2018

Time: 13.30-14.30 (followed by networking session)

Venue: Accenture London office (Room 'Orion', 7th floor, 30 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3BD, UK)

Language: English

Participation Fee: Free

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) and JETRO will be co-hosting Invest Tokyo Seminar 2018 in London, followed by a networking session.

This seminar aims to showcase the progress and the attractiveness of the Japanese FinTech market with the latest information on FinTech related measures and regulations from the Japanese govenment, as well as initiatives of the TMG and JETRO to promote FDI in this field.

To register*, please email 'Access to Tokyo' London office - - with the following information:

- participant name

- company name

- company address

- participant's department

- participant's job title

- type of industry

- company website

- participant's contact details (phone number and email address)

Application deadline: Friday 12th January 2018

*Limited spaces available


13.00-13.30  Registration


13.30-14.30  Presentations

1 - 'Global Financial City: Tokyo' vision and the TMG's initiatives to attract foreign companies

(Mr Masahiro Kidera, Director for Global Financial City Project, Coordination Division, Office of the Governer for Policy Planning, TMG)

2 - The Dawn of FinTech in Tokyo

(Mr Takafumi Murakami, Managing Director, Accenture Japan Ltd.; Ms Cecilie Muller, Access to Tokyo London)

3 - Japanese government's measures on FinTech

(Mr Yusaku Shimizu, Minister, Embassy of Japan in the UK)

4 - How JETRO can support you

(Mr Daisaku Yukita, Deputy Director-General, JETRO London)

14.30-15.30  Networking Session

**The programme may be subject to change.

See the external website and the flyer for details:

Flyer <PDF> (200KB) 

For more information, please contact Access to Tokyo London at: or

+44(0)7768 951 238.