Seminar on Japan’s Electricity and Gas Market Liberalisation: New Business Opportunities in Japan for UK Companies

Dec 02, 2015



About the event
Japan’s electricity and gas markets will be fully liberalised in April 2016 and 2017 respectively opening up access to new customer base of 84.6 million and 20 million.  The new market size for electricity is £45 billion and £11 billion for gas.  Electricity suppliers that have enjoyed regional monopolies thus far will be unbundled into generation, transmission/distribution and retail in 2020. Japan’s major utilities and new entrants to the energy market are seeking unique and innovative products/services from overseas to be applied into the Japanese market. 

This is a seminar on Wednesday 16 December on Japan’s Electricity and Gas Market Reform – New Business Opportunities in Japan for UK Companies organaised and hosted by Department of Energy & Climate Change, UK Trade and Investment and British Embassy Tokyo.  See below for details and how to register.  

Dates               Wednesday 16 December, 2015 (Please bring your photo ID)
Venue              Department of Energy and Climate Change
                            3 Whitehall Palace, London SW1A 2AW
Time                 10:00 - 12:40
09:45                  Door Open
10:00 - 12:40     Seminar
12:40 - 13:40     Networking lunch

14:00 - 17:00     One-to-one session with TEPCO and/or Osaka Gas UK Ltd. - upon request and based
                             on slot availability







Edmund Hosker, Director, International Energy, Europe and Resilience, DECC


Japanese Government Perspective

Naoya Ono, Electricity Market Office, Electricity and Gas Industry Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Government of Japan


TEPCO Open Innovation Programme

Shin Akimoto, Senior Manager, International Affairs Office, Tokyo Electric Power Company


Challenges Facing the Japanese Gas Industry

Ryu Nishida, Managing Director, Osaka Gas UK, Ltd.


Coffee Break

Doing Business in Japan

Steve Crane, CEO, Business Link Japan Ltd.

Business Opportunities in Japan (TBC)

Daisaku Yukita, Deputy Director General, JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation) London





Networking Lunch


*One to One Sessions with TEPCO and/or Osaka Gas UK Ltd.  (upon request and slot availability) – see below “How to Request Individual Sessions”


How to Register for the Seminar and Lunch:  

Please send an email to with the following information by Wednesday 9 December. Participation is free but capacity is limited.   






Department and Title


Email address



How to Request Individual Sessions: *If you have unique and innovative products/services in any of the areas below and would like to have a 30 minute one-to-one session after the seminar with TEPCO and/or Osaka Gas UK Ltd., please send an email to with the following.

They will contact you separately to schedule a session or to ask for further information.

With which company you would like to have a session?

(either or both)


___Osaka Gas UK Ltd.

What is the name of your product/service?


A short description of your product/service and its unique selling points.


Who are customers of your products/services? (e.g. Utility companies, facility management companies etc)



  • Energy (power and gas) management and outsourcing;

  • Analysing Big Data on electricity/gas;

  • Technology and servicing skills around controlling, monitoring, maintenance of generation and substation facilities;

  • Administering contracts and payment;

  • Seeking partnership on overseas energy projects (including LNG projects);

  • Any other unique and innovative products that have not yet been introduced to Japan?

                                                            Application form  <PDF> (402KB) 


If you have any questions, please email Emiko Sekiguchi of British Embassy in Tokyo at or