Japan’s Renewable Energy Market Overview

Nov 25, 2015


As one of JETRO's activities, we offer foreign investors with basic market information with each industry.
We have just compiled the reports regarding Renewable Energy Market in Japan:

Due to a number of key policy changes resulting from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident of 2011, Japan’s energy industry is currently experiencing a period significant change, with market opportunities opening up for international investors. According to statistics from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Japanese environmental market(*) is predicted to grow from 59 trillion yen in 2005 to 83 trillion yen by 2015.
Within the area of renewable energy, the government of Japan have made clean and economical energy demand and supply a core element of Japan’s growth strategy. As a result, markets in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors, are estimated to experience a massive increase of 53% from 32 trillion yen in 2005 to 49 trillion yen in 2015.

  *Includes the following businesses related to environmental impact reduction:
   (1) global warming related businesses (renewable energy, energy saving, etc.);
 (2) 3R related businesses (waste disposal, recycling equipment, etc.);
   (3) anti-pollution related businesses (pollution prevention, environmental recovery,
        environmental creation, etc.).

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