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*The Invest Japan department at JETRO is focusing on assisting companies from across the world to set up in Japan. If a company is looking to set up a representative, branch, or subsidiary office, an R&D or manufacturing facility, we can advise and assist to the point of your setting up in Japan. After your initial enquiry, we welcome you to our office in London, or we are happy to visit your premises for an ini
tial consultation.*

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Consultation service at JETRO London

Our initial meeting will be attended by our senior investment advisor and one or two members of the investment team. During this meeting, you are able to find out all about JETRO and its services. We can talk about your next steps and registration with JETRO. This is also an opportunity for JETRO London to find out more about your company and your plans for Japan. You will receive information on setting up including cost estimates and legal matters. We will also try to answer any specific questions you might have.

Consultation service at JETRO IBSC in Japan

Once you are registered as a JETRO client, we can provide you with our free of charge services. A consultation at our Invest Japan Business Support Centre (IBSC) in Tokyo is something that we are happy to help arrange. In Japan, we can schedule a meeting with our colleagues who can offer further on-the-ground assistance. During your initial meeting, you may like to discuss labour, tax, or legal issues with our advisors or consult with sector specialists who can offer up to date advice to you.

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JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Centre (IBSC) is our one-stop centre for establishing your business base in Japan. Each IBSC is able to offer you an individual consultation with advisors and specialists, and provide a variety of information related to setting up your base in Japan. Each of our six IBSC’s have temporary office space that is offered free of charge. The office space facilities can be used for fifty business days (consecutively or non-consecutively) with a reasonable fee thereafter. JETRO IBSC’s are located conveniently near major government offices in the following six cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Kobe, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. From our IBSC facilities, you can advance your business plan by hiring staff, holding meetings, viewing permanent office facilities or obtaining further advice from our colleagues.

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Cost Estimation

A common enquiry to the investment team at JETRO London regards the costs of setting up a physical presence in Japan. JETRO has produced this small cost estimate guide which shows estimates for office rental, staffing, housing and other matters. As you will see, costs vary depending on the area you choose to set up in.
-The cost estimate guide