The Japanese government offer a variety of incentive programmes to facilitate inward investment. In addition, Invest Japan offices have been established in relevant ministries and agencies in Japan to act as single contact points. For an outline of the incentive programmes and more information regarding Invest Japan offices, please access the following link:

Government Subsidies

- Subsidy Programme for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan
- Subsidy Programme to Promote Investment in Advanced Equipment as Measures to Deal with Yen Appreciation and Energy Constraints
- Subsidy Programme for New Business Establishment in the Areas Recovering from Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster towards Employment Creation
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Prefectural and Municipal Incentives

Available Incentives : Tokyo (as of July 2012)

Tokyo Business Entry Point is a one-stop service centre that provides business information such as permits and matching with companies in Tokyo, as well as information about daily life during your stay, such as housing and schools.

-Subsidies and Tax Reduction Measures
Support measures for small and medium-sized businesses include low-interest financing, subsidies, and tax preferences among other services. Foreign companies may take advantage of these benefits if they establish a Japanese corporation.

-Other Support Measures
Tokyo Business Entry Point is a one-stop service center that provides business information, such as information about permits and information about matching companies in Tokyo, as well as information about daily life during your stay, such as housing and schools. The service center is located on the 30th floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No. 1, and English-speaking advisors are available on weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (excluding the hour between noon and 1:00 p.m.). Tokyo Business Entry Point handles various inquiries (by e-mail, telephone or in person) from both foreign and domestic companies.
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Available Incentives: Osaka (as of July 2012)

-Subsidy for Business Start-Up of Foreign-Capital Enterprise
•Foreign-affiliated companies expanding into Osaka Prefecture through the establishment of a new headquarters or Asian base are eligible for subsidies up to 100 million yen when acquiring premises, or on third of the rent (within a limit of 60 million yen) when renting premises.

-Subsidies for High-Tech Industries
•Companies in high-tech industry fields that set up in designated locations are eligible for the subsidies.

-Subsidy for Promotion of Investment
•Companies that build or renovate factories or R&D facilities in a designated location are eligible for the subsidies.

-Tax Incentives
•Taxation System for Industrial Accumulation Promotion (Reduction of Real Estate Acquisition Tax): Real estate acquisition taxes imposed on land or property acquisitions in an industrial cluster promotion area will be halved.

-Support provided by Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC)
•Subsidies for the costs of company registration and visas
•One-Stop Support Service is provided for businesses seeking set-up in Osaka

-Kansai Innovation Comprehensive Global Strategic Special Zone
•Proposal to deregulate 127 clauses of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and Electricity Business Act and to implement a new system, applying to the fields of medical and pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, advanced medical technology (biotech and medical industry), preemptive medicine, battery technology, and smart community technology

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Available Incentives: Fukushima (as of July 2012)
Subsidies for Establishment of Business Facilities for Industrial Reconstruction in Fukushima Prefecture are available for businesses that can contribute to reconstruct areas and revitalize the local economy. Fukushima also offers a numbers of tax-exemption programs based on the Act on Special Measures for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation for Fukushima as well as the Special Zone for Reconstruction program.

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Prefectures and Municipals have their own unique incentives. You can search on Regional Information.