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Sakashita International Tax Accountant Office

Supporting Foreign Businesses Investing in Japan with International Tax Services while Exploring New Needs by TTPP

Ms. Hiroko Sakashita,
Certified Public Tax Accountant


Tax related consultations and preparation of various documentation and representation in company registration, social insurance, and other procedures for foreign-based businesses

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Getting Informed of TTPP While Struggling to Develop New Clients
Ms. Sakashita studied tax accounting in her university years. In 1996, she obtained certification as a tax accountant and since then has concentrated on tax and audit services. From 2000 to 2005, she was engaged in consulting services in international taxes for a foreign-based tax office. In 2005, she joined an international tax accountant office set up by her husband Toshiaki Sakashita as a joint partner. Since then, Ms. Sakashita has been in charge of both her own main work and sales.

To develop new clients, she created and maintained a website for introducing the office and its services, registered at various B2B sites, and participated in business get-togethers and seminars so as to expand her network of contacts. Further, as part of her usual work, she also met with prospective clients on a spot basis to provide consultations, but out of these only one out of 10 consultations resulted in a contract. 

When Mr. Sakashita set up his office in the spring of 2003, he met with the staff of JETRO's domestic investment section. At that time, he was recommended to register at the TTPP. In August of the same year, Ms. Sakashita registered as a user with the detailed information about her business. However, up until participating in the November 2005 seminar on how to use the TTPP, she did not know that she had to register some proposals to receive inquiries. After that, she immediately registered a proposal.

Today, the Sakashita International Tax Accountant Office is a member of the IEC Group, a professional group organized by tax accountants from over 40 countries around the world, so it can obtain information on the tax systems of all of those countries. Up until joining the IEC, the Office had used mostly the overseas tax information provided by JETRO. 
Supporting International Tax Services through Competency in English Language, Quality of Service, and Low Price
The Office recently received a contact email through the TTPP and concluded a consultant agreement with a Dutch company. This was at the request of a Dutch resident of Japan who had set up a firm there. The first inquiry was made in June 2007. The Client came to Ms. Sakashita's office in July. The contract was for services for maintaining the books on a monthly basis and preparing the financial statements. The Client is not fluent in Japanese, so Ms. Sakashita explains the documents prepared in Japanese to him in English as required.
Ms. Sakashita's Office is a two-person office with her husband Toshiaki Sakashita. Both have had experience working for major international accounting offices, so their sales points are the ability to provide their services in English, a level of services comparable to the "big four" global accountant offices, and rates half those of the majors.

Small businesses can fully use supports from Ms. Sakashita's Office in accounting and tax services including procedures for setting up their businesses and payment of salaries. Medium sized businesses such as those with over 100 employees and 10 branches have their own accounting divisions, so her Office provides them with supports in tax affairs.

With Business Associate,  Mr. Toshiaki  Sakashita

When her Japanese customers look for overseas partners for improving their price competitiveness, Ms. Sakashita utilizes the TTPP as well. She intends to revise the currently registered proposals to use the TTPP more actively in the future. That is, she intends to change the proposals by introducing its services according to its customersEneeds to enable customers to use the proposals more easily.

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