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TTPP, JETRO's business matching site, provides extensive supports to business people who want to find international business partners for their overseas production, sales assignment, market development and business support services as well as business people who want to start or expand their trade businesses such as export and import transactions.



One-Stop Service Provided Using Practical Experience and Network in Overseas Business 

   Mr. Seiichi Yoshitomi 
President CEO


Trade consulting, trade representation, liaison services, translation of documentation, etc. 

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Setting up Proper Framework for Business Practices and Logistics Streamlines Transactions
Mr. Yoshitomi studied the basics of trade in his university years and spent the next 36 years working on imports and exports for a variety of firms (medium sized trading company, pigment manufacturer, and precision machine part trading company). He has therefore broad experience in overseas business. To put all of this practical experience and his network of contacts to use and provide "one-stop" support for overseas business, he set up PROEYES in November 2004. 
In practice, in overseas business, the important thing is how to most efficiently and economically get through the negotiations, contract signing, and settlement for deals and through the shipment, customs clearance, and delivery of the products. Mr. Yoshitomi provides overall trade consulting services with an emphasis on business practices and logistics. If requested by the customer, he will also act as the agent for import or export procedures or translate documentation. His strength lies in his network of contacts among forwarders (chartering agents, sea and air cargo freight forwarders, customs brokers, shipping and landing agents, international logistics firms, etc.) and shipping companies (sea cargo, air cargo, courier service, etc.) - 10 partners in all. These partners include both Japanese and foreign firms aiming at global expansion of their businesses. Mr. Yoshitomi arranges for the most suitable partners from among them in view of cost, speed, and type of service. 
The trading company where Mr. Yoshitomi used to work was one of JETRO Members, so he has been observing the TTPP since its startup and registered his own proposal at the TTPP so as to develop new customers early after setting up his own firm. From the start, the reaction has been good, so he does not use any other sites. 

Your Easy to Use One Stop for All Your Import - Export Needs !

Points in Support Services for Overseas Business are Avoidance of Risks and Networking

As of July 2005, Mr. Yoshitomi received a total of about 100 inquiries per month from the TTPP and his own website. Of this, about 10% consisted of inquiries from the TTPP automatic matching service. When he first registered his services, most of the inquiries came from abroad, but inquiries from Japan have been on the rise since his services were covered in the TTPP's section on "Overseas Business Support for Japanese Companies" (Japanese language version only) in March 2005. 

On the overseas side, Mr. Yoshitomi was asked by an Argentine handbag maker to find it a sales agent in Japan. He met with the head of that firm's international division on December 2004 upon the latter's visit to Japan and signed a long-term contract for market studies and assistance in establishing an import and supply chain. In April 2005, Mr. Yoshitomi was asked to provide support to a South Korean IT company for its entry into Japan. In both cases, Mr. Yoshitomi agreed to work on a contingency basis, but the initial costs incurred for advance studies and preparations for marketing are supposed to be borne by the two sides as decided by later negotiations. 

On the Japanese side, Mr. Yoshitomi arranges transportation under controlled temperature for regular exports of Japanese sake by 20 foot refrigerated containers. 

Overseas business has its attendant risks. To reduce these risks, Mr. Yoshitomi naturally makes it a practice to meet with the other party as much as possible and he advises his clients to meet overseas customers. What must be particularly watched for, he emphasizes, is risk management becoming lax upon regular business following an initial problem-free transaction. Mr. Yoshitomi sends out a twice-monthly newsletter on export and import practices and trade terminology. He began doing this at the request of young employees of forwarders who he was surprised to find lacked in-depth knowhow about trade. At the present time, he is also sending the newsletter to clients, partners, and trade insurance companies. This helps him to build up his network of contacts.

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