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TTPP, JETRO's business matching site, provides extensive supports to business people who want to find international business partners for their overseas production, sales assignment, market development and business support services as well as business people who want to start or expand their trade businesses such as export and import transactions.



Proposals and Guidance for International Business Matching and Strategic Market Development

Mr. Shigetada Nakajima, Owner


Mediation of business between Japan and the U.S., consulting on market development and contract work as agents

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Accuracy of Content of Inquiries and High Response Rate Prompts Daily Check of TTPP for New Proposals
Back in 1970 when there were a much larger number of small trading companies in Japan, Mr. Nakajima got a job at a company manufacturing and trading in electrical and electronic parts. Soon after that, the company went bankrupt due to a cash flow problem. Mr. Nakajima subsequently worked at three similar trading companies, then eventually headed a Japanese office of an audio equipment manufacturer in the U.S. When this manufacturer later shifted its Asian headquarters from Japan to Hong Kong, Mr. Nakajima decided to start up a new business with a British buyer he knew at that time and went independent in 1988. In 1996, he closed his Japanese office and moved his office to his wife's home state of New Jersey in the U.S.

Mr. Nakajima learned of TTPP in August 2008 when he was surfing the Internet using the Japanese keywords "auto accessories" and "machinery" and immediately registered there. TTPP enables use of the Japanese language, is detailed in content of business proposals, and covers the entire world, so Mr. Nakajima checks the site almost every day so he can see newly registered proposals.

Mr. Nakajima also utilizes Alibaba, Tradekey and other business sites, but says that since the site operators are profit-oriented enterprises, he has to deal with frequent solicitations. He believes TTPP wins over these sites in terms of the accuracy of the content of the inquiries and the high response rate.
Assistance in Selection of Partners, Smoothening Over Difficulties and Proposing Sales Strategies
In September 2008, Mr. Nakajima contacted a party in the U.S that offered to sell a fuel saving and air pollution preventing system. One month later, he signed a provisional contract to act as its export agent to Japan. At the same time, he asked his Japanese customer for market survey and sales of the system in Japan. The customer runs a machinery manufacturer whom he has had dealings with for 20 years. In December 2008, the U.S. manufacturer, OpuS USA and the Japanese machinery manufacturer importing the products signed a three-way agreement. At the present time, the Japanese manufacturer is testing sample systems mounted in actual cars in Japan.
Further, in October 2008, Mr. Nakajima was commissioned to develop a market and open up sales channels in Japan for super luxury cosmetics produced and sold by a subsidiary of a Californian pharmaceutical manufacturer. In January 2009, he registered this proposal at TTPP, then received numerous inquiries from Asian countries other than Japan. Opus USA therefore concluded an agency agreement with the pharmaceutical manufacturer for the entire Asian region. He sent out samples in late January and is planning to map out sales plans in the future based on the results.

In international matchmaking work, Mr. Nakajima finds the three most essential things are: (1) selecting reliable partners and associates - regardless of countries/areas, (2) smoothing out differences between the partners and businesses in the different countries/areas with their different cultures and practices and ensuring all related parties are going forward with the business plans with an understanding of the others, and (3) providing quality products at suitable profit margins in new overseas market, by finding or developing niche products, localizing existing products and reducing distribution costs. He says that these three jobs are hard, but are essential for successful business matching.

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For this reason, Mr. Nakajima also sometimes confronts both the suppliers and buyers with demands, hard words and recommendations based on sales strategies and plans and watches how they respond. He considers this a good tactic for future market growth.

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