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  Green Thumb Ltd.

Desire to Protect Environment Leads to Product Development - Overseas Customers Sought through TTPP

 Mr. Yoshihiko Toda,
Vice President/
International Sales

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Exports of food and environmental equipment to the U.S.,
export of scrap fishing nets, and development, manufacture and sales of water treatment agents/flocculation promoters

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Environmental Beautification Leads to Export of Scrap Fishing Nets
Mr. Toda launched a landscape design office in 1984. He has worked in the basic planning, environmental countermeasures and reevaluation of traffic systems relating to improvement of national parks mainly in Okinawa. At the same time, in the environmental field, he has been developing, manufacturing and selling water treatment agents and flocculation promoters.

Mr. Toda began thinking about recycling scrap fishing nets when consulted about disposal of old fishing nets by fishing villages during volunteer beach beautification activities (cleanup of wasted polystyro and wasted fishing nets from beaches). Mr. Toda learned about the huge costs in disposal of short yarn, scrap cuttings and other industrial waste generated at net mills he visited when talking to the factory managers about manufacturers' product liability and their responsibility for the conservation of beach environment.

Mr. Toda proposed recycling as the solution to the problem of disposal of scrap fishing nets and other industrial waste and ended up in charge of the export business.

From the latter half of the 1960s when he was residing in the U.S., one of the staff of JETRO Chicago also hailed from the same Kyushu region as Mr. Toda, so Mr. Toda knew of the activities of JETRO well. He registered at TTPP in May 2006 to search for export destinations for the above-mentioned fishnet-related waste.

Mr. Toda receives email relating to new proposals every day. He checks business proposals from TTPP almost every day and actively uses the receiving and sending functions of email inquiries. In 2012, he engaged in more than 10 serious business negotiations through TTPP. Further, the new proposals are not limited in field. Global trends can be observed. The situation is extremely interesting.

Scrap Fishing Nets

Short Yarn

Product Knowhow, Seriousness, and Need of Partners are Keys in Negotiations
In inquiries arriving through TTPP, most of the parties are reliable or Mr. Toda himself is trusted, so detailed discussions start early. When Mr. Toda receives an inquiry, he first asks about the specific requests of the other party. The reply reveals the other side's product knowhow, seriousness and need.

Next, he explains about the products in a manner tailored to the other party. This enables satisfactory negotiations subsequently through just exchanging emails. Further, when exporting scrap fishing nets, he also teaches the other party the methods of treatment for removing deposited salt etc. This leads to repeat business.

Mr. Toda ships one to three containers to overseas trading companies and recycling plants every month. Half is for regular business and half for spot business. Up to now, he has done business with Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Turkey. Most customers dealing in scrap fishing nets are small sized operations which often go out of business or change businesses. Transactions with them usually last about one year. New customers are therefore being constantly sought.

On the other hand, the scrap fishing nets are secured mainly from youth groups of fishing cooperatives, so maintaining his stock is never difficult. Disposal of short yarn from fishing nets used to cost net mills tremendous amounts of money, but the scrap has conversely been generating profit after being merchandised. Mr. Toda is proud of his contribution to reducing garbage and improving the global environment through such non-mainline business oriented activities.

While not registering a proposal at TTPP, the Company customizes and sells its main water treatment agent (Super Green Water Treatment Agent) and flocculation promoter (Super Green Flocculation Promoter) to users. In Japan, these are employed for preservation of water quality. Overseas, the former is being employed for purification of agricultural use water in the Middle East and the latter is being employed for stemming soil erosion in Central America.

If the sludge from painting or the sludge from foodmaking factories in which food residue is mixed by the Company's Super Green Flocculation Promoter, drying and flocculation become easy and the flock is not destroyed. For this reason, the treated water can be recycled. If applying an electrical shock to the sludge, it is also possible to kill off the bacteria.

Mr. Toda provides numerous goods and services relating to environment protection. He finds it beneficial to offer advice and find solutions to non-business oriented domestic and overseas networks. He does not especially engage in any advertising or sales promotion activities.

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