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TTPP, JETRO's business matching site, provides extensive supports to business people who want to find international business partners for their overseas production, sales assignment, market development and business support services as well as business people who want to start or expand their trade businesses such as export and import transactions.


 Focus Business Produce, Inc.

Providing Consultancy Service Making Use of Practice Experience in Overseas Business His "Meaning in Life"

 Mr. Tatsuya Oishi President


Support to Japanese companies for expanding overseas and support to foreign companies expanding into Japan

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Wanting to Find Meaning in Work, He Became International Business Consultant...
Mr. Oishi spent 18 years at a major Japanese oil company - mostly working to develop overseas markets. The majority of the time, he lived in South Korea, Singapore, and the U.S. He particularly found his work developing markets in India and Southeast Asia, which he took charge over in the early '90s, very meaningful. He found he wanted to get into the global business he experienced at that time on his own and therefore went independent in 2002. 
He met with an American friend running a consultant firm for development of Asian markets and decided to work with him for establishing a consultancy aimed at supporting business expansion between Japan and the U.S. In April 2004, he established Focus Business Produce (FBP). Thanks to the growth of his business, in September 2005 he took on as an additional staff member expert in sea and air cargo logistics and with experience living in the West. 
Mr. Oishi learned about the TTPP when searching for an American B2B site and other international business sites on the Internet. He just happened to come across the JETRO homepage. Since the TTPP was free to register at and was highly trustworthy as being run by JETRO, he judged that it would an effective advertising medium and registered a proposal in September 2004. It has now been about a year since he registered there. He has been receiving new requests for consultation from Japan and overseas at a pace of several cases every month. 

Before tapping into the TTPP, he mainly used personal contacts and his own homepage to drum up business. Since registering at the TTPP, he has found both the scope of his work and the countries covered have grown. Not all of the inquiries he receives lead to actual business, but he finds he is now able to concentrate in areas in which he is strong. 

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Mr. Matt Engler
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Mr. Kuwabara
Logistic Specialist and Staff

Mr. Oishi takes a long time in preparations for commissions for market development. He starts off by ensuring he has the correct understanding of the nature of the commission. When the customer is overseas, it is not always possible to meet face to face for discussion, so he has to settle with frequent exchanges of e-mails. He makes it a point to give quick and accurate replies to all questions in the belief that this creates the trust need for smooth work. When taking on a job, that is, he believes the confidence of the customer is essential. 
In the spring of 2005, Mr. Oishi was asked by a medium sized Japanese machinery manufacturer to advise it on the establishment of a U.S. network of sales agents. He discussed this with his American partner and first proposed a series of specific steps for entering the U.S. market. His proposal enabled his customer to get an idea of the preparations, management resources, and arrangements required for getting into the market and clarified what the customer should do on its own and what it should consign to FBP. The most effective approach to the partnership became clear by this roadmap as it enabled the customer and consultant to focus on their strengths. At the present time, this manufacturer is starting in-house preparations.
Further, through the TTPP, Mr. Oishi has been commissioned by a European jewelry manufacturer to provide consultations on developing sales channels in Japan. While answering questions by e-mail, he scouted around for someone well versed in the Japanese jewelry business and ran across such an expert at a local business conference. This expert herself had just started selling jewelry in South Korea. This led to discussions over selling the European jewelry in both Japan and Korea. The expert in turn wanted to expand sales of Japanese designer brand jewelry in the West and asked for Mr. Oishi's support. At the present time, Mr. Oishi is surveying the American market and developing sales channels through his American partner. For sales in Europe, he has asked a European consultant located through the TTPP to directly approach dealers. In this way, the TTPP has enabled a chain reaction of business. 

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