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  Eito & Global Inc.


Taking on Challenge of World Markets by Export Spec Round-shaped Multistory Mechanical Parking Systems

Mr.Hirotake Eizen,
President  CEO

Export of multistory mechanical parking systems


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Lack of Knowledge on Opening Up Overseas Markets and Marketing
Mr. Eizen  learned  English in Canada for a year.  Upon his return to Japan, he joined Eito Systems, a company run by his father developing and producing physical distribution conveyance machinery and multistory parking systems. He is mainly in charge of the assembly, installation, and maintenance of equipment. To develop an overseas business for multistory parking systems, the export company Eito & Global Inc. was established in 1999. Mr. Eizen serves concurrently as president in charge of overseas business.

However, the Company had no experience in opening up overseas markets or overseas marketing and did not know what to do. When Mr. Eizen visited JETRO's Fukui branch in order to learn about confidentiality agreements in May 2006, he was introduced to the TTPP and KOMPASS. He registered at the TTPP in July 2006 and spent a lot of time to input proposal information, but was surprised at the large number of accesses. In this one-year period, the Company has been accessed 1,500 times and has received 50 contact mails from overseas. Mr. Eizen is impressed by the "potential business chances".

Most of the inquiries and requests for further information have come from China, South Korea, and India, but the most enthusiastic inquiries have come from the Middle East, Russia, and Eastern Europe. The Company is engaged in talks with candidates for partners in these countries over distributor agreements. For this reason, Mr. Eizen has been flying all around the world.

Underground Parking Device
Now Operating in Taiwan

A Scene of the Presentation
by the Croatian Partner

Steadily Growing Overseas Business Network

The main machinery of Eito & Global are its round-shaped multistory mechanical parking systems - developed first in the world by Eito Systems. These are not only superior in terms of the number of automobiles able to be held, construction costs, and short construction periods, but also help eliminate traffic congestion and environment problems in the cities and contribute to the effective utilization of  land and preservation of the surrounding appearance if underground types.

The talks with Russian companies began with participation in a business mission to Russia sponsored by Fukui prefecture in September 2006. Before the mission, Mr. Eizen had arranged appointments with three companies in Moscow through the TTPP. Among these, one has a consultant who had studied in Japan. He has kept in frequent contact in Japanese, building a relationship of trust. At the present time, the consultant is preparing to bid for construction projects for landmark facilities for tourism in resort area along the Black Sea.

The Company’s Croatian partner is an IT related company. Contacts began with a very positive offer. The Company engaged in repeated talks and eventually concluded a partnership agreement. In these talks and contract negotiations, it received continuous guidance and cooperation from an advisor at JETRO Fukui. This IT related company is very adept at marketing and is introducing and publicizing the parking systems through various media. This partner company decided to go to a bid for the construction of a parking facility for a local government. The partner prepared its own presentation and attended a presentation meeting organized by the local government with the press in attendance. A scene of the partner’s presentation was introduced on the local government’s website. 

The Company's parking systems are designed for export use. Only the elevator system of the drive unit is shipped from Japan. What it seeks from its overseas partners is finding and bidding for local construction projects, procuring the required materials and equipment, and arranging for the contractors. It is envisioning trading companies, machinery distributors and general contractors. It would like to expand its business network on a global scale in the future.

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