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TTPP, JETRO's business matching site, provides extensive supports to business people who want to find international business partners for their overseas production, sales assignment, market development and business support services as well as business people who want to start or expand their trade businesses such as export and import transactions.



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 Mr. Tatsunori Fujiki, President

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Design, fabrication, and sales of food processing machinery, general industrial equipment and tooling for work processing, and export of daily sundries

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efuken was established in 1988 for the fabrication and sales of noodle-making machines, automobile-related manufacturing lines, and machine tools.

The president of efuken, Mr. Tatsunori Fujiki, happened to learn of the TTPP around 2000 through the Internet. Mr. Fujiki registered as a user in 2008, but has never registered any proposal. Further, he does not utilize any business matching site other than the TTPP. Among the TTPP services, he mainly utilizes the "TTPP Fresh Proposal News" function and "Latest Proposals" section. He occasionally also uses the "Global Link".

Mr. Fujiki checks the new proposals of the TTPP every day and sends out contact mails to interesting proposals. He sends out an e-mail about one a month, succeeds in concluding a contract in about one out of 10 cases, and concludes two to three deals a year. At the time of contact, he is careful not to get involved in proposals from trading companies and brokers without their own products. Mr. Fujiki also takes care not to exaggerate in his own contacts.

Mr. Fujiki looks for primary contractors which are not too large or not too small in size. In the future, he continues to be unwilling to register his own proposals since he does not believe they would result in serious inquiries.
Sales outlet in Dalian, China Best Selling Plastic Containers
Clean Toilet is a Symbol of Delicate Sensibility that will be Reflected in Product Levels and Stable Quality
In 2009, Mr. Fujiki contracted with a Chinese company found through the TTPP for production of plastic products. He began by sending a contact mail, then discussed business and visited the local firm. In 2010, he began discussions for mass production, but found business practices differed too much between Japan and China and failed to reach agreement as late as December of that year. Mr. Fujiki stresses reliability and good faith on the part of his business partners and considers careful negotiation to be important so that both the buying and selling sides can mutually profit.

When contracting production to China, there is a concern in that Chinese companies greatly vary in technical level and starting up business with new partners is difficult. When newly contracting production, repeated intermediate inspections are essential. In the process of this, Mr. Fujiki learned that there is a substantially direct correlation between the cleanliness of a company's sanitary facilities and level of its products and uses this as a simple benchmark for judgment. He says that companies which can handle detailed instructions happen to have clean sanitary facilities and are considerably stable in product quality.

On the other hand, efuken has increased exports of daily sundry goods and health goods directly purchased from Japanese manufacturers to its affiliated sales outlets in China. Japanese products are made with great care in everything from selection of materials to final finishing, so are highly valued as merchandise in China.

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