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TTPP, JETRO's business matching site, provides extensive supports to business people who want to find international business partners for their overseas production, sales assignment, market development and business support services as well as business people who want to start or expand their trade businesses such as export and import transactions.


Business Creation & Collaboration Network Ltd.

Finding Best Match Starts with Network of Engineers and Collection and Dissemination of Business Information

Arrangement of technology transfers and business tieups and  support for business startups

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Mr. Meguru Miyazaki , President


Establishment of Own Business Model For Assisting Engineers and Ventures 

Mr. Miyazaki previously worked for an organization building up a 5,000 to 6,000-engineer database. In 1999, he launched his "Business Creation & Collaboration Network (BC&C Network)" for drawing out the full capabilities of individual engineers and assisting business ventures. His system is designed to enable better matchups of business based on the principles of "growing the network", "gathering more information", and "supplying better information". 

  Five years after starting up his website, Mr. Miyazaki has seen the number of registered members climb to over 11,000 (end of 2004). Of these, two-thirds are engineers (half currently employed and half retired), while the remaining third are small venture managers. He solicits members by pinpointing candidates from existing materials and the Internet and e-mailing them with invitations to register. Next, unless specifically refused, he sends useful information to each candidate every week such as information about business trends. After doing this for a year, Mr. Miyazaki finds that he can finally win the confidence of the candidates in what he is doing and obtain answers from them about signing up. 


Recently, large corporations have been slashing their in-house R&D divisions and instead looking to uncover and incorporate the seeds of new business from the outside. Mr. Miyazaki has been contracted by these corporations to coordinate these new businesses, specifically, to serve as a bridge for arranging tieups and other cooperation between firms in specific fields without distinction as to size or competing relationships. He is able to provide such coordination services because of his network of engineers and daily collection and dissemination of business information. 

Core Members

Best Overseas Partners Found Through Exclusive Rights of Negotiation and Active Use of  TTPP
Mr. Miyazaki began using the TTPP around the time of the old Technology Tie-up Promotion Program. The BC&C Network currently has about 100 overseas members - most of whom are thanks to the TTPP. 

 Mr. Miyazaki also registers business proposals at the TTPP. He was recently commissioned by a cost conscious manufacturer to find a source for special industrial use chemical fibers and given full negotiating rights. He registered this proposal at the TTPP in the fall of 2004 and received offers from three Japanese firms and six overseas ones within one or two weeks. The point in the exchange of e-mails was to determine whether the manufacturers could handle the specifications of the special materials. In the end, Mr. Miyazaki narrowed the field down to three overseas firms. He is now waiting for samples. 

 In another case where he received negotiating rights, Mr. Miyazaki was asked to find a European licensee for nutritionally enriched food and animal feed additives now being produced and sold in Japan. He will also register this proposal at the TTPP and wait for offers. He plans to extract registered TTPP users which could either directly or indirectly handle this license business so as to find the best partner. 

 For Mr. Miyazaki, who does not have that many overseas connections, the TTPP is proving to be an extremely effective tool. According to Mr. Miyazaki, unless a proposal handled has its own special features or strengths, it will not lead to any business - at TTPP or anywhere else. Mr. Miyazaki is confident that with the right proposal and the delegation of exclusive negotiating rights from the client company, however, he can find the right partner. 

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