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TTPP News Vol.113 May 2014

:)JETRO TTPP - News Vol.113 Warning against business frauds through TTPP

:::::    Vol.113 May 2014                          
::::        TTPP NEWS For International Business Matching         

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<< TTPP Announcements >>
-- Request to Update Your Business Proposals/User Information
<< Advice for Int'l Biz >>
-- Warning against business frauds through TTPP
   - From TTPP Users' Recent Report -


===== << TTPP Announcements >> ======================================

-- Request to Update Your Business Proposals/User Information
   To keep information on TTPP as realiable, please update your business
   proposals/users information regulary.
<< How to confirm/ update / delete User Info >>
   1. On the login page below, enter your USER ID and PASSWORD and click

   2. Click one of the menu (Update the Confirmation Date/ Correction/
      Deletion) and finish the process.
      ** When forgot your user ID and password:

<< How to confirm/ update / delete Business Proposals Info >>

  1.  Click "Login" on TTPP top page (
      On the next Login page, enter your USER ID and PASSWORD and click "Login".

  2.  Click "Registered Proposals" which you can find below the
     "Confirm/Update Your Info" menu.  

  3.  Please refer to "Manage Your Proposal Information" in the TTPP
      User Guide and confirm/update your business proposals.

     "Manage Your Proposal Information"

===== <<  Advice for Int'l Biz  >> ===================================

Warning against business frauds through TTPP

- From TTPP Users' Recent Report -

Recently, JETRO has received the following reports from TTPP users
regarding troubles in business transaction through TTPP.

Please pay attention to any similar contact mails.

<<A Report about Business Fraud related to the Government’s bid>>
We have sent an inquiry to the “Offer to Buy”business proposal for LED
bulbs on TTPP. The user asked us to send samples for a quality test
because the user planned to participate in the government’s bid for the
procurement of LED bulbs that would be used in governmental facilities.

After we sent the samples, the user asked us to share the half of US$10,000
commission that the user had to pay for the participation in the bid.
We trusted the user because the user sent an ID certificate to us, so
we transfered US$5,000. Since then, we have not been able to contact
the user.

<<A Report about Fraud to steal passport data>>
We have received a contact mail from a TTPP user saying “We are thinking
the possibility of investing in your company because we have an interest
in your company.” After we replied, we received a mail with his passport
copy attached. He requested that we send our passport copy to start legal

He said in the mail that he served as vice president for a leading corporation
and he was prominent since he had appeared on TV. We viewed the user’s
website using the URL which was available in the mail. The website was
splendid with detailed contents on the company’s investment programs.
We found, however, that the website was very suspicious because there
are many similarities with a site of another leading company. We came
to a conclusion that the mail was intended to steal our passport data,
making us believe that he was an executive of a major company that really

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TTPP News  Vol.113 May 2014
Business Services Division (Editor/Publisher)
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
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