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TTPP, JETRO's business matching site, provides extensive supports to business people who want to find international business partners for their overseas production, sales assignment, market development and business support services as well as business people who want to start or expand their trade businesses such as export and import transactions.



Questions/Operation Troubles

User Registration

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Questions/Operation Troubles

Q1I want to learn success stories of TTPP users.

"Users' Voice" is available in the "For New Visitor" corner before you log in. You can learn many success stories of Japanese TTPP users who were successful in winning export/import or consignment production contracts. You can also view stories about users who succeeded in finding business partners to grow their international businesses.

TTPP Users’Voice

Q2I want to post a TTPP link on my website.

Users are required to send an e-mail to and provide JETRO with [Corporate name/Webite's name/URL] prior to linking to TTPP.
Please make sure to set the link URL as (English:; Japanese:
After completion of the link, please promptly inform JETRO via e-mail at
TTPP banner list

* I want to post a link to my website in"TTPP Global Links."
Visit "How to use the "Global Links" in the "Global Links" page.

How to Use the "Global Links”

Q3I want to know TTPP's system requirements.

The following operating systems and browsers are recommended for the optimal use of the TTPP website.
Browser :  The latest version of Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled on all browsers.

* Although other browsers and operating systems for PCs and tablets including iPad and Android operation systems are acceptable for the use of the TTPP website, you may find some problems depending on the type of devices, operation systems and browsers you use.

* When you use the TTPP website, the stability of operations and display may deteriorate depending on your operating system, browser and network.
JETRO cannot always respond to questions or opinions that are related to your operating system or browser.

Q4I cannot log in to TTPP website.

  1. 1.Be sure to enter your user ID and password correctly and use only single-byte characters.
    If you receive a log-in error message, close all open browser windows, restart your browser and log in to TTPP website again.
    For log-in, it is convenient to copy and paste your user ID and password available in an e-mail sent from TTPP.
  2. 2.Make sure you are entering your user ID and password sent from TTPP.
    They are different from TTPP's "User Number" and user IDs/passwords you acquired for JETRO’s other services.
  3. 3.If TTPP finds any ambiguities or problems in your application for user registration or updating "User Info," TTPP will send an e-mail to ask you to revise your information.
    Without your response to the e-mail, you would not be allowed to log in to TTPP website. Once the contents in your application are confirmed, TTPP would change the setting to allow you to log in.

Q5I click the "Login" button, but the login page does not appear.

TTPP website system uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) since 10/31/2015. If you do not have SSL enabled on your browser, the login page does not display. Make sure SSL protocols are enabled.

Q6When I was using single-byte characters to enter contents in English form, an error message was shown. I cannot go to the next step.

Check spaces or marks very carefully. Mistakes may happen, for example, when you use a Japanese version of Microsoft Word for the entry in TTPP Registration Forms. In this case, double-byte spaces or single/double quotation marks are often copied and pasted in TTPP’s Forms where only single-bytes are acceptable.

Q7Error message saying “Page has Expired” appeared. I got stuck.

If you click “Back” to return to the previous page after you log in to TTPP website using SSL with the “Do not save encrypted page to disk” enabled browser, you might receive an error message saying “Page has Expired” as a security precaution.

* For example, in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, click “Tools” along the top of your browser window. Select “Internet Options” and click the “Advanced” tab at the top of the dialogue box. Disable “Do not save encrypted page to disk” and click “OK” to save your changes.

Q8An error message was displayed when I was using TTPP website. I was not able to access it any longer.

Enter the following information in TTPP’s “Inquiry Form” and submit it.

  1. 1.Date and time of occurrence of the error
  2. 2.The title or URL of the web page where the error message appeared
  3. 3.The error message (Copy and paste it to “Inquiry Form.”)
  4. 4.What you did before the error occurred (Ex: “It took place when I chose Business Category in User Registration Form.”)
  5. 5.PC: The type and version of your OS
    Tablet or Smartphone: The model and version
  6. 6.The type and version of your browser (Ex: Internet Explorer 11)
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User Registration

Q1Our company offers products belonging to a wide range of industry sectors. Which industry should we choose at the time of user registration?

For example, you can choose an industry sector with the largest share of your total revenue in the previous fiscal year. You can also choose an industry sector that you think is not dubious or doubtful for other users.
TTPP uses an industrial classification edited by JETRO based on "Japan Standard Industrial Classification."

Business Category

Q2I have completed my user registration, but my "User Info" is not yet available in TTPP. When will it be available?

Your "User Info" will not be uploaded to TTPP unless you log in and register your business proposal(s).

Q3I want to change my "User Info" and Password.

Read "Manage Your Registered Info/Mail Box" in TTPP "User Guide."

Q4I forgot my User ID/Password.

Click "Forgot Password" below the "Login" button in the "For Registered User" corner before you log in, and then request an automatic notification e-mail that informs you of your User ID/Password.
Please note that JETRO does not respond to your inquiry by telephone or facsimile.

Q5I want to get the login page to remember my ID and password.

For security reasons, it is not recommended. Use a function provided by your browser to save your ID and password. If you are an Internet Explorer user, refer to the following page to save them:

Q6Is there an expiration date on my registered information as well as my user ID and password?

Basically they are valid for one year. TTPP sends you an e-mail for “Request to Update Your Data” automatically one year after the date of registration to confirm your intention to use TTPP continuously. You can continue to use your user ID and password by updating your registered information.
Registration and revision dates are displayed on each of “User Info” pages and business proposal pages.
Read "Manage Your Registered Info/Mail Box" in TTPP "User Guide" and you can find how to revise your registered information.

Manage Your Registered Info/Mail Box
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Business Proposal Registration

Q1I have completed registration of my business proposal, but it is not available in TTPP. When will it be available?

If you want to know the status before your proposal is available in TTPP, access "Applied Proposals" in the "Confirmation/Update Your Info" corner.

Q2I want to correct a proposal that I have already applied or a proposal that is already available in TTPP.

  1. 1.Correct a proposal that I have already applied: You cannot correct it for yourself until it is available in TTPP.
    If you want to correct it, send a request to TTPP ( with your "Application Number," describing where it should be corrected.
  2. 2.Correct a proposal that is already available in TTPP: Read "Manage Your Registered Info/Mail Box" in TTPP "User Guide."
    A proposal you corrected will be uploaded only after JETRO completes its check.
Manage Your Registered Info/Mail Box

Q3I have not received any inquiries for my business proposals.

TTPP offers a site for business matching among registered users. How much effectively it is used is up to users.

  1. 1.Have you ever reviewed proposals about competing products or having similar contents with yours?
  2. 2.Our suggestion is to review your business proposals from a viewer’s standpoints.

<Key points to review your business proposals>

1.Does your “Proposal Detail” provide appealing information about main features of your products/services as well as your strengths and superiority in trade terms/conditions? Does it use concise and descriptive expression?

2.Are there any visuals attached to your proposals?
Appropriate visuals attract more interest in your proposals.

3.If you don’t update your business proposals, they are listed at the bottom of the list.

Read "Manage Your Registered Info/Mail Box" in TTPP "User Guide" and you can find how to revise your registered information.

Q4How long is public display period for business proposals registered?

Basically it is one year. TTPP sends you an e-mail for "Request to Update Your Data"automatically one year after the date of registration to confirm your intention to use TTPP continuously.
TTPP recommends that you check or update the contents in your "User Info"and business proposals.
Anytime you can update the last confirmation date and contents in your business proposals.

Manage Your Registered Info/Mail Box

Q5What are TTPP’s proposal categories based on?

JETRO edits TTPP’s proposal categories based on "Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System"and "Japan Standard Industrial Classification."

Proposal Category
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Q1I want to know the inventory availability or prices of products offered in business proposals.

How much detailed information should be offered in business proposals is decided by contact persons. If you need more information such as detailed product/service information or transaction terms, send inquiries directly to contact persons.
If you need distributors/agencies or other types of business supports, TTPP recommends that you register business proposals in the business category of “Look for business support services.”

Q2I tried to search a proposal I had found before, but an error message appeared and I couldn't find it again.

The business proposal may have been deleted by the user. Or JETRO may have deleted it because it had not been updated for more than one year.
The following message is displayed if a proposal you found earlier has been already deleted.
"This proposal has been expired or deleted by the user."

Q3I cannot see the corporate/contact information in a business proposal.

Log in to TTPP to see "User Info" including contact information.
User registration (free) is required to log in to TTPP.
Instantly upon the completion of your user registration, you will receive your User ID and Password by e-mail. You can log in to TTPP and see the corporate/contact information in a business proposal.

Q4After I sent many Inquiry E-mails, an error message appeared and then I could not send any other e-mail.

To prevent scam or spam e-mails from being sent, TTPP limits the number of Inquiry E-mails you can send for the last 12 hours to a maximum of 20.
Use the Inquiry E-mail function again after the time limit expires.

Q5I replied to a contact mail, but I cannot find any history regarding my mail in "Sent Mail" available in "Check Your Email".

TTPP saves history about mails you send, only when you use TTPP's contact mail function. Regarding mails you send using your own mailer, please use its history function.
You can learn more by visiting "User Guide" -> "Manage Emails via TTPP" -> "Manage Your Registered Info/Mail Box".

User Guide

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