Business Category

* 0001-0017 "Related Business" includes
manufacturers and merchandising businesses such
as trading companies.

Old Number Old Content New Number New Content
0001 Agriculture, Forestry & Fishery 0001 Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fishery and Related Business (Inc. Horticulture and Aquaculture)
0002 Mining 0002 Mining and Related Business (Inc. Metal, Non-metal, oil, gas and coal)
0003 Construction (Heavy Construction, Equipment Installation etc.) 0003 Civil Engineering, Construction, Installation and Related Business (Inc. Designs)
0004 Manufacture of Food, Drinks & Kindred Products, Tobacco Products & Prepared Feeds 0004 Food, Beverage, Feed and Related Business
0005 Manufacture of Textile Mill Products, Apparel & Related Products, Leather & Leather Products 0005 Textile, Apparel, Fashion Accessories and Related Business (Inc. Leather and Fur Product)
0006 Manufacture of Lumber & Wood Products, Paper & Allied Products 0006 Lumber, Wood Product, Paper/Pulp and Related Business
0007 Manufacture of Furniture & Fixtures 0007 Furniture, Fittings and Related Business
0008 Manufacture of Chemicals, Medicinal & Allied Products, Petroleum Refining & Related Industries 0008 Chemicals (Inc. Fertilizer, Medicine and Cosmetics), Oil/Coal-based Product and Related Business
0009 Manufacture of Rubber & Miscellaneous Plastics Products 0009 Rubber, Plastics and Related Business (Exc. Fashion Accessories)
0010 Manufacture of Stone Clay & Glass Products 0010 Pottery, Earth/Stone Product and Related Business (Inc. Glass, Cement, Ceramics and Stonework)
0011 Primary Metal Industries 0011 Iron/Steel, Non-ferrous Metal Product and Related Business
0012 Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products 0012 Fabricated Metal Product and Related Business (For Construction, Industry, Business and Home-Use)
0013 Manufacture of Machinery Except Electrical and Electronic 0013 Machinery, Instruments and Related Business (For Industry and Business)
0014 Manufacture of Electrical & Electronic Equipment   0014 Electric Machinery, Information and Telecommunications Equipment, Electronic Component/Device and Related Business (For Industry, Business and Home-Use)
0015 Manufacture of Transportation Equipment 0015 Transport Machinery/Parts and Related Business (Inc. Motor Vehicle, Railcar, Ship and Aircraft)
0016 Manufacture of Instruments Related Products 0016 Precision Machinery/Instruments and Related Business (For Measurement/Analysis, Medical Care, Physics/Chemistry and Optics)
0017 Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries 0017 Other Manufacturing and Trade/Wholesale/Retail Business (For Jewelry, Musical Instrument, Toy, Stationery and Sundry Goods)
0018 Printing, Publishing & Related Business 0018 Publishing, Advertisement, Web and Related Business
0019 Electric, Gas & Sanitary Services 0019 Power, Gas, Heat, Water Supply and Related Business
0020 Transportation, Warehouse & Related Services 0020 Transportation, Warehouse and Related Business (Inc. Railway, Road, Maritime, Warehouse/Logistics, Port and Aviation)
0021 Postal Service & Communications 0021 Postal Service, Information and Telecommunications and Related Business (Inc. Telecommunications, Broadcast and Internet Service)
0022 Wholesale & Retail Trade 0022 Retail Business (Inc. Department Store/Supermarket, Mail Order and Internet Retailing)
0023 Wholesale Business (Inc. Distributor/Agent)
0023 International /Intermediate Trading 0024 General Trading Business
- - 0025 Used/Scrapped Material, Machinery, Parts, Vehicles and Related Business
0024 Automotive & Other Machinery Repair Services 0026 Repair/Maintenance Service Business (For Motor Vehicle, Machinery/Equipment, etc.) and Facility Management Service (Inc. Security and Cleaning)
0025 Eating & Drinking Places 0027 Food Service/Hotel
0026 Finance Services 0028* Finance
0027 Insurance Carriers 0029* Insurance
0028 Real Estate 0030* Real Estate Business
0029 Personal Services 0031 Personal Service (Inc. Laundry, Barbershop, Beauty Shop, Bathhouse, Wedding/Funeral Service and Travel)
0030 Amusement & Recreation Services 0032 Amusement and Entertainment Service (Inc. Movie Theater, Event/Sports Facility and Park)
0031 Information Processing & Computer Software Services 0033 Information Processing (Inc. Data Entry Service) , Software and Related Business
0032 Legal Services, Accounting, Auditing & Bookkeeping 0034 Legal Services, Accounting, Auditing & Bookkeeping
0033 Business Services (Management Consulting, Advertising, Research, Rental & Leasing, etc.) 0035 Business Service (Inc. Management Consulting, Survey, Interpretation/Translation and Rental/Leasing)
0034 Health, Medical & Social Services 0036 Medical, Healthcare and Social Welfare Service
0035 Other Services, Not Elsewhere Classified 0037 Other Service (Inc. Waste Treatment and Recruitment/Temp Staff Agency)
0036 Educational Services & Research Organization 0038 Education, Research and Related Business
0037 Membership Organizations 0039* Political/Business/Cultural Organization and Cooperative
0038 Public Administration (Government, Local Government, International) 0040* Public Organization (Inc. National/Local Government and International Organization)
0039 Not Classifiable Establishment 0041* Unclassifiable

Last Updated: June, 2013