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TTPP, JETRO's business matching site, provides extensive supports to business people who want to find international business partners for their overseas production, sales assignment, market development and business support services as well as business people who want to start or expand their trade businesses such as export and import transactions.


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User Rating System

TTPP introduced "User Rating System" in May 2011 to help its users know reputation for their counterparts' behaviors in business talks or transactions.

What You Can Do with "User Rating System"
  • TTPP users can provide a rating of their counterpart each other based on their satisfaction level in a transaction if they use TTPP's inquiry form for their mail exchanges.
  • You can check your counterparts' behaviors in each proposal after you log in, including "open ratio" and "return ratio" for contact mails they received as well as ratings they received or submitted.

About TTPP's User Rating system

"User Rating System" enables TTPP users to submit ratings each other to express their satisfaction level toward their counterparts in mail exchanges and business transactions.

When a user receives a positive rating, one point is added to the user's total point. The average point is indicated by the number of star as an overall score.
Since users are allowed to revise their rating for a maximum of three times, the score may be subject to change from the one you saw first time.

You can rate your counterparts regarding the items listed below, submitting positive, neutral or negative rating as your feedback.

Items to be Rated Rating Score
1. Correct and reliable information in proposals or contact mails Positive  1
2. Quick responses to inquiries or actions after business negotiations Neutral  0
3. No ambiguity in responses to inquiries or business negotiations Negative -1
4. Consideration to counterpart and business integrity    
<Business Proposals with Star Marks>

If your business proposal receives five or more positive ratings during the last two years (since May 2011), it earns the following numbers of star marks.

If you have two or more registered business proposals as a contact person, the number of your star marks is determined by the average point based on the total score for all of your registered business proposals.

No. of Star Marks Average Point
star 0.5 or over
starstar 0.7 or over
starstarstar 0.9 or over and the number of ratings is 10 or over

How to View Ratings

1 Ratings for each Contact Person

You can view the star marks in the following contents, after you log in. If you do not find any star marks, it means that the contact person or business proposal fails to meet the criteria for the display of the marks.

  • ·Proposal Detail
  • ĚCorporate / Contact Person Detail
  • ·Inquiry / Sender
  • ·Inquiry / Recipients
2 How to View Ratings You have Received or Submitted

You can view the ratings in the following contents, after you log in.

  • ·View Inbox for Received Contact Mails
  • ·History of Sent Mails
How to See Rating Results

How to Submit Ratings

You can revise your rating for a maximum of three times using "Rating Profile" in "View Inbox for Received Contact Mails", "History of Sent Mails", "My Catalog" and "Trail of Proposal Views".

How to Submit/Revise Rating


QDo I have to submit ratings?

The submission of ratings is not mandatory, so you can determine whether you submit or not.
The scores are very helpful information for TTPP users who are searching their business partners, so your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

QI think I received an unfair rating. What can I do?

JETRO is not involved in any result of ratings by users.

QMy counterpart is unlikely to submit a rating. What can I do?

The counterpart may have forgotten to submit a rating. If you ask the counterpart about rating, you may receive a rating.
TTPP appreciates its users' cooperation in "User Rating System," but please note that it is users who determine whether they submit or not.

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