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TTPP, JETRO's business matching site, provides extensive supports to business people who want to find international business partners for their overseas production, sales assignment, market development and business support services as well as business people who want to start or expand their trade businesses such as export and import transactions.


  • Features of TTPP
  • Procedures for Registration
  • How to Search Proposals/Partners
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How to Search Proposals/Partners

  • How to Search Business Proposals
  • How to Search Business Partners

How to Search Business Proposals

TTPP offers a number of search options to help you easily find your business partners and compare their registered business proposals.

Top page of TTPP (After you log in)

Top page of TTPP (After you log in)

On each of search result pages, business proposals are listed in chronological order with the most recently registered or updated proposal on the top.

Search by company’s name is not possible in TTPP.

1, 3, 4 and 5 are available in "Headline Menu."


Today’s Proposals

TTPP updates its database for business proposals twice a day every weekday. Five newly registered business proposals are viewable on the top page. The list is updated twice a day (in the morning and afternoon in Japan Standard Time).

* Click the "List" button on the bottom right in the "Today's Proposals" or "Updated Proposals" corner and you can view more newly registered or updated proposals respectively.

* If you click "Today's Proposals" at the left side in the headline menu, you can only view new proposals registered within 30 days.


Search Proposal by Category/Country

Search Proposal by Category/Country

Click the Japan or World radio button and choose one of 13 business categories to search business proposals.

You can set search criteria on TTPP’s top page to your preference. If you are interested in a specific category and country, this function is helpful.

Proposals 13 business field

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishery, Food Stuff
  • Textiles, Leather or Fur Products
  • Mining, Manufactures of Metals, Nonmetallic Products
  • Chemicals
  • General Machineries
  • Electrical Machineries & Equipment
  • Transport Equipment
  • Wooden Products, Houses, Furniture
  • Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles
  • Transport, Communication, Trading Services
  • Information Processing (Hardware, Software, System Engineering,etc.)
  • Business Support Services(Consulting, Translate, etc.)
  • Others

Buyer/Supplier Proposals (last 30 days), Proposal Data by Area/Business Field

Business proposals are classified into 13 business field. The list shows the numbers of registered business proposals by field (category)and area. Clicking on the number in the list will give you the list of business proposals that meet your search criteria.

This allows you to easily compare business proposals belonging to a specific business field as well as a specific country and its neighboring countries.

Buyer/Supplier Proposals (last 30 days)

Buyer/Supplier Proposals (last 30 days)

In “List of Latest Sell/Buy Proposals,” you can search “Offer to Sell” and “Offer to Buy” proposals registered or updated for the last 30 days.

Click the “Offer to Sell” or “Offer to Buy” radio button on the top of “List of Latest Sell/Buy Proposals.

Proposal Data by Area/Business Field

Proposal Data by Area/Business Field

From the "Proposal Data by Area/Business Field," you can search all registered business proposals posted on TTPP.

Click the "Business Field" or "Business Type" radio button above the list

The "Business Type" button helps you easily find business partners for "Business Tie-up," "Business Support" and "Space for Offices/Factories."


Power Search: Flexible Choice of Search Conditions is Made Possible

Power Search

Flexibly you can choose search conditions such as "Offer Type," "Proposal Category "and "Country/Area."
"Proposal Number"is available for use to search business proposals. 1

Since "Power Search" uses the AND operator, the result includes business proposals that meet all of your search criteria. If you use criteria from all categories of conditions, it is likely you would fail to find any business proposals.

TTPP recommends that you use search criteria from a maximum of two or three categories of conditions to refine your search.2

* To "Sell"your products, for example, choose "Offer to purchase products/parts" from the drop down menu of "Offer Type."3

* In case you cannot find any desired business proposals, advice is to register your business proposals to enable other users to search them.


Keyword Search

Keyword Search looks for business proposals containing one or more words specified by other users in"Proposal Title," "Features & Characteristics"or "Image Captions."
In TTPP’s Japanese website, you can use any keywords in both of Japanese and English for search.
Keywords in English are acceptable only for search in TTPP’s English website.

Find proposals effectively by using plural search words such as synonyms and applications that are related to products or services you are finding.

* Keyword Search is often used by users who are not familiar with TTPP’s proposal categories.

* When you register your business proposals, include words that other users are expected to often use for their Keyword Search in “Proposal Title,” “Features & Characteristics” and “Image Captions.” This will improve hit ratio for your business proposals.


TTPP Special Corner

TTPP Special Corner

Browse by Topic

TTPP Special offers feature pages for most popular business categories and topics where you can search business proposals and view related information.

Special Project

Introduction of proposals related to projects powered by TTPP.


"My Search" Corner

In TTPP, you can save search criteria you have used.

Access "My Search" that will be available on the upper left of TTPP's top page or in the “My Catalog” corner after you log in, and you can reuse ten search criteria you have used most recently.

This substantially saves your time for search.

How to use the 'My Search'

"My Catalog" Corner

"My Catalog" offers the list of business proposals with " Proposal Detail" you viewed after logging-in during the last six months.

You can create your own "My Catalog."

For very busy businesspersons, TTPP recommends using the function to list their favorite proposals.

How to use the 'My Catalog'

TTPP Limits Extremely Frequent Accesses to Public Information

In order to prevent any inappropriate use of registered data, TTPP limits the number of accesses at each log-in session or in 24 hours to data such as "Corporate/Contact Person Detail"and "Proposal Detail."
A maximum of accesses is limited to 100 business proposals at each login session or 200 in 24 hours.

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