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TTPP, JETRO's business matching site, provides extensive supports to business people who want to find international business partners for their overseas production, sales assignment, market development and business support services as well as business people who want to start or expand their trade businesses such as export and import transactions.


  • Features of TTPP
  • Procedures for Registration
  • How to Search Proposals/Partners
  • Manage Your Registered Info/Mail Box
  • TTPP's User Rating System

Features of TTPP

TTPP (Trade Tie-up Promotion Program) Connect
You with Businesses around the World

TTPP is used by business people in more than 160 countries.
Get it all done online on TTPP website: Simply you can complete
user/business proposal registration, search and view of business
proposals, and inquiry. You can use any TTPP service free of charge.

Business Proposals from Users around the World are Viewable in Japanese

TTPP provides proposal information related to various types of businesses ranging from import and export to business tie-up and business support. Business proposals registered by foreign users are translated into Japanese to enable Japanese users to view them both in English and Japanese.

Your Business Proposals are Accessible across the World

Register your business proposals and you can deliver your business information to business people around the world through TTPP's Japanese and English website, enhancing your business opportunities. You can provide your information timely since you can register, update or delete your business proposals on TTPP website at any time.

* JETRO does not verify any information provided by users. JETRO recommends that you judge the correctness and reliability of the information.

TTPP Brochure(English)

TTPP's Useful Functions


TTPP offers useful functions that make your search for business partners more efficient.
Following the instructions available in the registration forms, take two steps for registration; First, complete your "User Registration" and then "Business Proposal Registration." The two-step registration enables you to easily deliver your business information to business people in the world.

What you can do after user registration

Registration as a user in TTPP allows you to view information on corporations and contact persons in other users' business proposals. You can also send "Inquiry E-mails" to the contact persons. In addition, the registration of your business proposals is possible. First, complete your user registration and then you can use useful functions TTPP offers.

TTPP's 'Inquiry Form' makes e-mail inquiry simple

Click the "Send Inquiry" button on a business proposal you have interest in, and you can use convenient Inquiry Form. TTPP automatically enters your User Info and the business proposal title in your "Inquiry Form." All you have to do is to choose information you need and input the outline of your inquiry. Any e-mail is sent through TTPP, so recipients can open your inquiry e-mails without any concern. Icons are available to see "opened" status for your inquiry e-mails.

Notification e-mail informs you of newly registered
business proposals

TTPP sends you a notification e-mail to get you informed about newly registered fresh business proposals twice a day every weekday. Registration is required to receive the e-mail.

TTPP Fresh Proposals News Procedures for User Registration

What you can do after business proposal registration

If you register as a TTPP user and register your business proposals, you can deliver your business information through the TTPP website to business people around the world. You can also use many functions that help you find best business partners.

TTPP's website brings your business information
to business people across the world

You can receive e-mails through TTPP from other users who are interested in your business proposals.

TTPP's 'Automatic Matching' function saves your time
required to find business partners

Choose "Automatic Matching" when you register business proposals. You can receive a notification e-mail to get you informed about a newly registered business proposal (your potential partner) that meets your requirements. Save time required for search. The function enables you to quickly find your desired business proposal each time it is registered. Use the "Matching Result" menu in the "Check Your Email" corner to review e-mails that match with each of your business proposals and you can contact potential business partners or take other follow-up actions.

Procedures for Proposal Registration

Other Services

TTPP offers useful free services such as 'User Rating System'

The system encourages users to rate their counterpart's behaviors in business talks or transactions of e-mail for each business proposal. Ratings based on other users' satisfaction levels will be available in each User Info.
Those ratings will be a helpful tool to search business partners that you can trust like other data including the number and open/return ratios of inquiry e-mails the counterparts have received.

TTPP's User Rating System

User Guide

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