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Produce Vegetable Snacks (Avocado, Carrot, etc.: For Japan only)

Proposal Number : 1171139       Provide technologies/know-how
Date Date of Registration : May 31, 2021
Date of Revision : May 31, 2021
Country / AreaMexico 
Proposal Category 0103 Processed vegetables, fruit and nuts (dried, canned, etc. including seasonings
0109 Other processed foods
0003 Fresh vegetables (Included those that have been frozen, chilled or salted.)
Target Country / Area JAPAN


corn totopos with 40% of avocado pulp, chile and onion

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Detail Description

Produce Vegetable Snacks (Avocado, Carrot, etc.: For Japan only)

We have the know how to produce healhty & crispy snacks using diferent vegetable (carrots, pumpkin, cucumber, avocado, beet, nopal, radish) with no food additives added.

We can split in two different technical procedures the technology that we offer in the proposal.

1.One is regarding the technical conditions to be controlled in order to use the Avocado natural pulp in snacks products avoiding the darkness effect that normally occurs in this fruit. This alternative gives us the opportunity to add the good Avocado nutrimental characteristics to this type of consumer products and improve their nutritional contributions. Also, this procedure will let us consume the avocado in different ways than just the fresh fruit.

2.The other technical procedure may be used for almost any available vegetable that can be dried (dehydrated) in an electrical or solar oven. So far we use it in carrots, pumpkin, cucumber, radish, beet, nopal and we can add different condiments to improve the natural flavor. Let me say this in other words: the flavor level of the dried vegetable is too low then it is necessary to add condiments to improve the taste and in this way try to meet the consumer preference. In Mexico we use salt, chile, sugar, citric acid, ginger etc. to make mixes, probably in Japan different ingredients must be used to obtain the traditional flavor that japanese people like to have in the snacks. The procedure can be adjusted to this change without any problem. The finished product is a dried, crispy and healthy vegetable with a nice appearance, great flavor and good self life.

** Our Relation with the Technology
We developed and own the technology

** Examples of Our Technology Adoptions
We produce 10 different snacks (Please refer to the attached images)

** Partner Qualifications
We are looking for Japanese snack maker that may be interested in implementing this technology in its facility.

Patent Status
Progress of formalities Registered
Country / Area in Which Registered Mexico
Registered No.
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