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Waste Tire & Waste Plastic Oilfication Equipment

Proposal Number : 1170249       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Feb 04, 2021
Date of Revision : Apr 23, 2021
Country / AreaTokyo, Japan 
Proposal Category 8403 Industrial waste pollution control
2709 Other industrial machineries
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas


Batch type equipment

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Detail Description

Waste Tire & Waste Plastic Oilfication Equipment

We provide waste Tire and Waste Plastic Oilfication Equipment.
We are the authorized full-time sales agent.
We will conclude a contract with a customer.

**Product Outline
- Japanese manufacturer's product.
- This equipment produce oil and carbides by pyrolyzing and gasifying products made from petroleum, such as waste tires and plastics.
- The system can be selected from two types, batch type and continuous type, depending on the processing volume, processing materials, budget, and site area.
- It extracts about 40%-45% of oil from tires and about 80%-90% from plastics.
- We provide total support,including product explanation, sales contracts, and maintenance arrangements.
- This system uses a carbonizing furnace to reduce the amount of secondary treatment using catalysts, etc., and also has a structure that eliminates the need for wastewater treatment.
1.Batch type treatment system
<Waste tires>
- Processing capacity: 2 types (1t/2t)
- Reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 20% by using waste tires as fuel, and contributes to the SDGs.
- Supports a wide range of profit models, including in-house use, oil sales, and electricity sales
- The extracted oil is a high quality fuel with high calorific value and lower kinematic viscosity and flow point compared to heavy oil A.
- The carbonized material can be reused as recycled carbon black after steel is separated by sorting.
<Waste plastic>
- Processing capacity: 2 types (1.2t/2.4t)
- Compatible with three types of waste plastics: PE, PP, and PS
- Waste plastic treatment conditions: 3 types of waste plastic can be mixed, uncrushed, non-washed, and colored
- The basic system is the same as the batch type waste tire oil treatment plant.
- Acidic substances are neutralized to make them harmless.
- Doesn't emit dioxin
2. continuous processing system (waste tires, waste plastics)
- Because materials can be continuously fed into the furnace under an inert atmosphere, a large amount of materials can be stably processed. (Other features are the same as for batch-type plants)
- Processing capacity/day: 3 types (10t/20t/40t)

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