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Undertake Integrated Production of Cashmere Products

Proposal Number : 1170220       Look for contract-based production/processing opportunity
Date Date of Registration : Feb 01, 2021
Date of Revision : Feb 01, 2021
Country / AreaTokyo, Japan 
Proposal Category 1503 Knitted fabrics
1501 Natural fabrics (silk, cotton, wool, jute, etc.)
1401 Natural yarns and threads (silk, cotton, wool, jute, etc.)
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas



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Detail Description

Undertake Integrated Production of Cashmere Products

We undertake Integrated Production of 100% Cashmere Products.

** Production/Processing Outline
Stole, Muffler, blanket, Knit sweater, etc.

Own products available | Retail: Negotiable
It is also possible to trade with yarn and raw material

** Production System
Grooming - dyeing - Spinning - Weaving - knitting - Finishing - and inspection,
It is possible to carry out all processes on our own integrated line.
We have a line specializing in cashmere and have the knowledge and technology to make stable, high - quality 100% cashmere products.

** Features of Your Service
Our manufacturing begins with raising cashmere goats with nomads on our own farm in Inner Mongolia.
We are a company that Grooming, Spinning raw material delivered from the grassland at the factory, and consistently produces and exports textiles and knits.
We manufacture products with a sound background with traceability through integrated production in own factory.
We aim to create a sustainable form of industry.

** Business Results
Japan, USA, Europe

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