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Micro Hydro Power Generation System

Proposal Number : 1169148       Provide technologies/know-how
Date Date of Registration : Sep 18, 2020
Date of Revision : Sep 18, 2020
Country / AreaMie, Japan 
Proposal Category 8405 Recycling
8500 Energy-saving technologies
2301 Steam generating boilers and turbines, etc.
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas


Micro hydro power generation using small water energy

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Detail Description

Micro Hydro Power Generation System

** Technology Outline
We ares developing a micro hydroelectric power generation that uses small water energy. Micro hydro power generation refers to general rivers, agricultural water, sabo dams, water and sewer systems, etc. It is a method that uses the energy of the water used to generate electricity by turning a water wheel. There is no strict definition for "micro hydropower", Outputs of 10,000 kW to 30,000 kW or less are often referred to as "small and medium-scale hydro power generation," A generic term for relatively small-scale power generation facilities with an output of 1,000 kW or less It is called "small hydro power generation". Output less than 100kw is called "micro hydro power generation".

** Examples of Your Technology Adoptions
Our company started a micro-hydropower business in 2018 by utilizing factory wastewater. Due to the widespread use of micro-hydroelectric power generation, small power plants will be installed in a distributed manner, and will be an emergency power source in the event of a disaster. In developing countries where power lines cannot be drawn, we are continuing development so that we can light electricity with a small amount of water. In addition, we are promoting the introduction to hot spring areas and hospitals.

** Partner Qualifications
Place of installation: Drainage/circulation water of each facility such as factories and buildings
Purpose of use: Used for lighting and power sources for personal consumption, earning income by selling power, and used for charging EVs.

* Product specifications
Size: width 280 x depth 280 x height 560 mm (including generator)
Type: Francis turbine
Power generation output: 0.5-2.2kw
Assumed flow rate: 5-25 L/s
Flow velocity: 2-8m/s
Turbine rotation speed: 450-1200 rpm
Effective head: 4-24m
Material: S25C, FC200
Pipe diameter: 60, 70, 80, 100, 120, etc.

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Mie, Japan

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