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Japanese Black Beef,Black&White Pork (Parts Set Sales Available)

Proposal Number : 1168335       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Jun 30, 2020
Date of Revision : Oct 05, 2021
Country / AreaOsaka, Japan 
Proposal Category 0001 Meat and meat preparations
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas (Except Japan)



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Detail Description

Japanese Black Beef,Black&White Pork (Parts Set Sales Available)

<< Contents >>
Supply Japanese black beef and hybrid beef&Pork Exhibited at FHA2021, posted on salad plate From April 2021.
Exclusive rights. Designated ranch tie-up. Overseas meat processing plant operation. Stable supply possible
Our owner is a Michelin-experienced Wagyu chef, technical guidance is available in each country

-Parts parts SET sales available-
-The quantity can be secured by selling the set.
:Tenderloin,Sirloin,Ribeye SET
:Sirloin, Ribeye,shoulder loin SET
:Lean SET(Bottom Round,TopRound,Rump,SirloinButts)
:Black&White Pork(sold of units 1)

* Premium Wagyu beef
Kobe beef. Omi beef. Matsusaka beef. Emperor beef. Yonezawa beef. Maesawa beef. Hida beef. Those who are considering using and wholesale for high-end hotels / restaurants
We can answer the wishes of Michelin chefs.

* Producing area special Wagyu beef
Hiroshima beef. Kumamoto beef. Miyazaki beef. Kyoto beef. Tamba beef. Bungo beef Other brand beef A4, A5 class Japanese beef
Those who are considering Japanese beef that has not yet been distributed in their own country

* Crossbred. F1.A3 Japanese beef
Domestic beef. Crossbred. Price-oriented / quantity-conscious

* Export of Japanese beef to the Halal region
Those who have found a way to trade with AUEA, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Qatar, and other countries that cannot be exported by ordinary Japanese beef processing
Awa beef. Miyazaki beef. Bungo beef. Kagoshima beef. Kumamoto beef, Awa black beef etc.

*Black&White Pork
Sakura pork,Rotsupaku pork,Tsubaki pork etc.
[Country of origin / country of manufacture]

[Loading port]
Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Fukuoka

[Production / shipping capacity]
Up to 100 new customers per month. Negotiable for large quantities
Can be purchased in large quantities by part.

[Sales record]
Monthly Thailand 3t Singapore 3t, Taiwan 2t, Hong Kong 10t, USA 3t. Malaysia 5t. France 1t, UK 5t Brazil 3t
Overseas wholesale trading company. Hotels with stars from all over the world. Michelin restaurants etc.

<< Reference price >>
3.500 JPY / kg ~

<< Payment terms >>
T / T

<< Minimum order quantity >>
1 cow or 100kg
Can handle more than 50 cows
Supports more than 100 animals.

Conditions of Products
/ Parts Inventory
Made to Order Acceptable
Orders from Individual  
Delivery Time Less than 5week(s)
User Info
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Support for Building Business Schemes Overseas

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Osaka, Japan

Oct 09, 2020 RegistrationSep 24, 2021 Revision

Total Sum of CONTACT Received : 10

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