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Rare Earth/Rare Metals

Proposal Number : 1166665       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Nov 29, 2019
Date of Revision : Nov 29, 2019
Country / AreaLiaoning, People's Republic of China 
Proposal Category 0401 Inorganic chemical products (caustic soda, sulfuric acid, ammonium chloride)
0301 Metallic ores (iron ores, non-ferrous ores, etc.)
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas

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Detail Description

Rare Earth/Rare Metals

We provide rare earth/rare metals.
We are the vendor agent who has obtained the right of sales agency for the goods on sale.
Contract with our company.

**Product Outline
Rare earth and rare metal. It supplies mainly to rare earth produced in hakuhoto city in Inner Mongolia, China. Other than the following items can be provided.

1) Lanthanum chloride
Applications: lanthanum cerium metal electrolysis, pyrolysis catalyst, rare earth metal alloy, and rare earth micro fertilizer.
2) Lanthanum metal
Applications: used for the production of hydrogen storage alloys, non ferrous alloys, rare earth treated steels, etc.
3) lanthanum oxide
Applications: metal lanthanum electrolysis, pyrolysis catalysts, optical glass, ceramic and electronic components.
4) cerium oxide
Uses: preparation of glass, ceramic, electronic, luminescent material, gloss powder, metal cerium, etc.
5) cerium carbonate
Applications are used for automobile exhaust gas purification catalysts, plastic pigments for process and glass.
6) neodymium oxide
Applications: electrolysis of oocyst alloys and preparation of glass and ceramic additives.
7) neodymium metal
Uses: for use in preparing rare earth permanent magnet materials.
8) europium oxide
Uses: for color cathode-ray tube, rare earth three primary color fluorescent material for lamp, X-ray sensitizing screen activator.
9) SM or SM EU liquid
Application: for precision processing used for extraction of single rare earth materials such as samarium, europium and gadolinium.
Application: heat insulating layer in the engine and heat insulating layer in special equipment.

**Country of Origin

**Port of Loading
Tianjin harbor

**Production/Delivery Capability

**Sales Results
Sales results: China, Japan, USA, Taiwan, Korea.




Conditions of Products
/ Parts Inventory
Made to Order Acceptable
Orders from Individual Acceptable
Delivery Time Less than 4week(s)
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Pebble stones and gravel

Pebble stones and gravel

Offer to sell products / parts

Liaoning, People's Republic of China

Jul 23, 2018 RegistrationNov 28, 2019 Revision

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