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Rare Earth

Proposal Number : 1166080       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Sep 24, 2019
Date of Revision : Sep 24, 2019
Country / AreaShanghai, People's Republic of China 
Proposal Category 0301 Metallic ores (iron ores, non-ferrous ores, etc.)
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas

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Detail Description

Rare Earth

We provide rare earth.
We are dealing China rare earth. We are approved to sell in the world wide.
The sales contract will be made by our company.

** Product Outline
The following products are our lineup.

Lathanum Oxide(La2O3) TREO 99.995 min
Cerium Oxide(CeO2) TREO 99.99 min
Cerium Chloride(CeCl3.7H2O) TREO 99.99 min
Lanthanum Chloride(LaCl3.7H2O) TREO 99.995 min
Mono-Hydrate Neodymium Chloride(NdCl3.H2O) TREO 99.95 min
Anhydrous Neodymium Chloride(NdCl3) TREO 99.95 min
Anhydrous Cerium Choride(CeCl3) TREO 99.99 min
Cerium Carbonate(Ce2(CO3)3 TREO 99.99 min
High Purity Cerium Carbonate(Ce2(Co3)3) TREO 99.99 min
Low Chloride Cerium Carbonate(Ce2(CO3)3) TREO 99.99 min
Cerium Carbonate with Large Particle size(Ce2(CO3)3 TREO 99.99 min
Lathanum Carbonate(La2(Co3)3) TREO 99.995 min
Lanthanum Nitrate(La(NO3)3.6H2O) TREO 99.995 min
Cerium Nitrate(Ce(NO3)3.6H2O) TREO 99.99 min
Cerium Ammonium Nitrate(Ce(NO3)4.2NH4NO3) TREO 99.99 min
Electronic grade Cerium Ammonium Nitrate(Ce(NO3)4.2NH4NO3) TREO 99.99 min
Lathanum Hydroxide(La(OH)3) TREO 99.99 min
Cerium Hydroxide(Ce(OH)4) TREO 99.99 min
Ammonium Ceric Sulfate (Ce(So4)2(NH4)2SO4.4H2O) TREO 99.99 min
Lathanum Acetate(C6H9LaO) TREO 99.99 min
Cerium Acetate(Ce(AC)3.4H2O TREO 99.99 min
Lanthanum(III) Fluoride (LaF3) TREO 99.99 min
Cerium Fluoride(CeF3) TREO 99.95 min
Praseodymium-Neodymium Fluoride(Pr.NdF3) TREO 82 min
Polishing Powder REO 92 min
Zirconium Nitrate(Zr(NO3)4. 2H2O TREO 33 min
Zirconium Acetate(Zr(C2H3O2)4) TREO 22 min

Use: Applicable to the production of high-performance magnets, alloys, glasses, and electronics. Ce and La are important as catalysts, and are used for petroleum refining and as diesel additives. Nd is important in magnet production in traditional and low-carbon technologies. Rare-earth elements in this category are used in the electric motors of hybrid and electric vehicles, generators in wind turbines, hard disc drives, portable electronics, microphones, speakers.

** Country of Origin

** Port of Loading
Shanghai Port

** Production/Delivery Capability

** Sales Results
China, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, South Asia etc


L/C, T/T


Conditions of Products
/ Parts Inventory
Made to Order Acceptable
Orders from Individual Acceptable
Delivery Time Less than 4week(s)
User Info
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Low Temperature Plant/Vegetable Dryer (made in Japan)

Offer to sell products / parts

Shanghai, People's Republic of China

Oct 17, 2019 RegistrationOct 17, 2019 Revision

Total Sum of CONTACT Received : 2


Offer to sell products / parts

Shanghai, People's Republic of China

Sep 24, 2019 RegistrationSep 24, 2019 Revision

Total Sum of CONTACT Received : 0

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