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Provide Know-how of Gas Distribution Mechanism (For Japan Only)

Proposal Number : 1165345       Provide technologies/know-how
Date Date of Registration : Jun 21, 2019
Date of Revision : Jun 21, 2019
Country / AreaShumen, Bulgaria 
Proposal Category 2302 Internal combustion engines(vehicle engines, aircraft engines, others)
3007 Motor vehicles (commercial vehicles, trucks, special purpose motor vehicles, etc.)
2809 Other machine element and parts
Target Country / Area JAPAN

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Detail Description

Provide Know-how of Gas Distribution Mechanism (For Japan Only)

This patented gas distribution mechanism finds application in internal combustion engines, in particular in diesel engines and in other piston assemblies.

*About Technology
It consists of intake and discharge plates with holes machined in them and connected to the stems, the cylinder head, with holes in it, matching the holes of the mobile cover of the cylinder, retracting springs of the stems, pressure springs and sealing ring of the mobile cover of the cylinder.
In case of overall dimension changes due to temperature expansion and wearing, axial movement of the cover of the cylinder is ensured wherein the sealing ring ensures the airtightness of the assembly, allowing no leakage of fluids between the cover and the cylinder.
The continuously pressed cover of the cylinder and the plate to the cylinder head by the pressing springs, ensure the airtightness of the assembly and in closed position no fluids can leak out from the intake and discharge plates.

*Relation with the Know-how
The invention is my idea, I have co-author 50% who died, he has heirs, they also want to sell their share of 50% so that the buyer will become the owner of the whole patent 100%.
The patent with the full rights is sold, described in the documentation. Also in the documentation there are 2 drawings, which are the most important.
I provide a detailed explanation of my idea to be used by the buyer.

*Examples of Adoption
Manufacturer of internal combustion engines etc.
The main application can be in internal combustion engines, but can be used in many machines where valves are used, or distribution mechanisms.
There is a very high probability of designing engines with a large natural gas resource using the patent. This will provide low cost, low pollution, long transition, and other good metrics.
It is possible to construct an engine with higher revolutions of the crankshaft, more than possible in the now used ones.
It is assumed that a variable-displacement engine will be built, the engines will become very efficient. In the process of work, other benefits will be identified.

Patent Status
Progress of formalities Registered
Country / Area in Which Registered Bulgaria
Registered No. BG63647(B1)
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