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Investors for Development and Sales of Functional Foods

Proposal Number : 1163559       Find investors
Date Date of Registration : Nov 22, 2018
Date of Revision : Dec 12, 2018
Country / AreaIbaraki, Japan 
Proposal Category 8805 Other applications(food, chemicals, environment conservation, agricultural products)
0107 Nutritional supplements
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas

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Detail Description

Investors for Development and Sales of Functional Foods

** Business Outline/Plan
(1) Research and development project: Research and development, manufacture and sales of autoimmune disease area and surrounding area for functional food development, external sales of license of research results, early listing to stock market
(2) Sales area: initially aiming for expansion in Japan, sequentially, the Americas, Europe, Asia and others
(3) We aim to list on the stock market in about 4 to 5 years.

*current problem
(4) There are no treatment methods There are many refractory diseases, especially autoimmune diseases. R & D and products that solve these diseases at an early stage are needed worldwide
(5) Please inquire about the details of functional foods and research and development

**Our Role in the Project
(6)Business operator, research developer

** Investee Responsibilities/Role
(7) Operation and treatment necessary to achieve the business plan of this project Comply with relevant laws and ordinances, securing intellectual property rights, research and development, derivation of research results, realization of maximum profit, stock IPO

** Investor Responsibilities/Role
(8) Limited liability as a shareholder of a company aiming to be listed

** Rough Breakdown of the Investment
(9)Research and development expenses, patent expenses, various licensing notification expenses, notification fees for functional foods etc, construction costs of manufacturing organization, installation cost of sales organization, necessary notification expenses to the Americas, Europe, Asia, others etc., stock IPO expenses

** ROI Plan
(10) This goal is an assumption of about several% of the market, and it does not deny the possibility of increase or decrease Example (1) = year 1 (1)-569/-569(2)30/-669(3)190/-823(4)960/-711(5)4,140/-711(6)7,460/0.4(7)11,100/787(8)13,020/1,162(9)15,840/1,104(10)18,360/1,767(Millions of yen)

Investment Amount 3,500,000,000YEN
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