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Patented Design allowing expansion/retraction to any length/size

Proposal Number : 1161251       Provide technologies/know-how
Date Date of Registration : Feb 14, 2018
Date of Revision : Feb 14, 2018
Country / AreaHong Kong, Hong Kong 
Proposal Category 4201 Construction industry
4202 Engineering industry (including plant design and planning)
5500 Other services
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas

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Detail Description

Patented Design allowing expansion/retraction to any length/size

We offer the unique patented design allowing quick expansion to any desirable length/size and retraction to a minimum length/size. We are an Exclusive representative of Patent owner. German Patent, internationally valid and legal, is offered to suitable interested parties for sale, or for exploitation, or Joint-Venture, or cooperation .

It has a wide scope of applications, which include instant bridge construction eg. civil works, army etc, enabling impassable muddy or sandy roads to become passable, eg. army, mining, community rescues in floods and other natural disasters etc. The same patent can also be used in the jewelry industry and by house hold product manufacturers for producing trivet-mat with-variable-lengths or size eg. for restaurants, household, food industry etc)

There are practically no limits in the variety of different useful, efficient and economic applications, due to the unique patented design allowing quick expansion to any desirable length or size and retraction to a minimum length or size.

Copy of the patent passport and further details are available upon request by seriously interested parties, addressed to our company authorized to handle all formal negotiations which will be subject to the final approval of the German patent owner. We thank you for your valuable interest in reading our offer and we remain always at disposition.

*Examples of Actual Applications
1. Variable length Instantly build bridge for army, contractors, flood relief etc
2. Variable length instant long-boards used for road-vehicles, trucks, etc. for preventing to get bogged-down into muddy or sandy terrains eg army, infrastructure contractors, transport companies in countries known for rainy season muddy-roads or deserts
3. Jewelry for expandable and retractable variable size ring.
4. Variable size trivet for food related applications.
5. Plus possibilities of almost unlimited other applications.

Patent Status
Progress of formalities Registered
Country / Area in Which Registered Germany
Registered No. 10 2011 102 953
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