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Look for Sales Partners of Phytoncide Diffuser (For JP/CN only)

Proposal Number : 1159838       Look for sales agent/representative
Date Date of Registration : Aug 29, 2017
Date of Revision : Oct 02, 2018
Country / AreaAichi, Japan 
Proposal Category 2903 Domestic electric appliances and parts of such
8309 Other facilities use
Target Country / Area JAPAN, People's Republic of China



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Detail Description

Look for Sales Partners of Phytoncide Diffuser (For JP/CN only)

We are looking for sales partners of phytoncide diffuser "Phyton Air".
We are a sales agent for overseas market and requested sales expansion of this product by the manufacturer.

*Product outline
"Phyton Air" is a machine that diffuses phytoncide in the room. Phytoncides are organic compounds released by forest's trees and plants, which is an important component of forest bath.
Phytoncide, in recent years, has been proved by universities and researches that it is able to increase antioxidant production, boost body's immune system, relaxation and bring many more positive effects to our health.
Our company's products have been supported with numerous scientific evidence.
We believe our product will suit the needs of the people who are health conscious, especially for the people living in countries with serious air pollution (as our product is able to cope with particles that are less than 2.5mm diameter).
We expect our profit to come from our customers' continuous consumption of cartridge every month.

*Partner qualifications
Companies that has strong connections with the following type of businesses; retail business, nursing facility, hospital, dental clinic, kindergarten, pet shop, high class massage parlour, luxury hotel, or companies which already trades with the types of businesses mentioned above.
Companies that has a customer base of people who are health conscious
Companies that has a customer base

*Contract type
Overseas: Distribution agreement

*Support system for our partner
We will explain the effects and characteristics of phytoncide in detail.
Our company is the overseas office of "Phyton Air".
We also handle other phytoncide products such as deodorant spray and candies for bad breath (dental colleges stated that our product has the most durable effect out of all products available to the public).

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