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Provide Production Licence of Small VAWT with Booster/Regulator

Proposal Number : 1157478       Provide technologies/know-how
Date Date of Registration : Feb 09, 2017
Date of Revision : Jan 19, 2018
Country / AreaHungary 
Proposal Category 4300 Electricity, gas, heating, and water industries
2301 Steam generating boilers and turbines, etc.
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas

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Detail Description

Provide Production Licence of Small VAWT with Booster/Regulator

I would like to offer the following technology.
The patent is registered in Hungary, EPO, PCT that enables us to file in PCT member countries.

*Technology outline
The objective was to create a generator that works at low and excessive winds. The changing direction and changing speed - especially the short time wind gusts - can result regulation problems and/or the stopping of the large turbines or even for the small VAWTs.

-The booster accelerates 7 fold the entering wind on the way to the turbine.
-The down regulating mechanism provides smooth operation by opening the regulating valves over 15 m/s wind speed.
-Simple, modular construction. Easy mounting and installation.
-Long life span (20 years), low maintenance need and related costs.
-It can be utilized in regions where the "HAWTs" cannot operate effectively.
-The main function of the holding structure is to elevate it off the environment. The created space below the structure can be used for various purposes, like storage, hideaway for animals, etc.
-The "WindXpress" equipments can be installed on the still existing wind farms where the wind conditions are known and the needed infrastructure is available.

*Relation with the technology: partner, consultant

*Examples of the technology adoptions: not yet on the market

*Partner qualifications
Some wind generation experience is an advantage. The ideal partner has strong marketing, logistics and design capabilities.

The invention is in prototype phase. It can be applied as follows
-The "WindXpress" can be a complementary energy production tool at the feet of large HAWT farms.
-Military bases
-Community focused energy source.
-The estimated production meets the demand up to 10 families.
-In the rural areas some pieces of the 'WindXpress" can be a solution to produce the energy.
-Pumping in residential water management, flood protection, irrigation.
-Processing agricultural raw materials: drying, grinding, etc.
-Heating and ventilation in stock farming
-Food processing

Patent Status
Progress of formalities Registered
Country / Area in Which Registered Hungary
Registered No. P1500003
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