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Improvers that make kerosene to diesel fuel

Proposal Number : 1154957       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Jul 29, 2016
Date of Revision : Aug 15, 2016
Country / AreaHiroshima, Japan 
Proposal Category 0501 Lubricants, waxes
0303 Mineral fuels (coal, petroleum oils, natural and manufactured gas and their products)
0402 Organic chemical products (petrochemicals, carboxylic acids, etc.)
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas



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Detail Description

Improvers that make kerosene to diesel fuel

We supply Fuel Additives for using Kerosene as Diesel Fuel. We are a Manufacturer.
We manufacture 3 characters of additives as "the improver that make kerosene to diesel fuel". They have all same lubricity. The difference in price (type) is due to the difference in quantity of the cetane improver. Type P (neutral) changes cetane number into 51 from 49 (standard kerosene). Type H (high cetane) changes cetane number of kerosene (49) into 54 as the light oil (diesel fuel).

Mix with kerosene at the rate of 200:1 and can use as light oil (diesel fuel).
Usable for construction machines, heavy industrial machines, agricultural machineries, ships, forklifts, snowplows, generators, compressors and other almost diesel engines.
Use may not be possible with certain distributor-type (rotary-type) injection pumps and PT(Pressure Time) pumps, because they require a certain fuel viscosity.

*These additives have the following functions
-Improve oiliness of kerosene.
-Torqueful at the low revolution area by the effect of the combustion improver.
-Decreasing the black smoke.
-You can move the diesel engines without diesel fuel, whenever have kerosene.
-No need to use low quality heavy oil.
-No clogging of a filter by sludge of heavy oil.
-Usable instead of inferior light oil (diesel fuel).
-There are no facilities for storing both kerosene and diesel fuel.

-Country of Origin: Japan

-Port of Loading: Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan

*Production/Delivery Capability: 500 drums/month

*Sales Results: We have 10000 users in Japan.

*Contact: Japanese or easy English.
If you have any questions, please contact by Inquiry form (check input example) or email us.

550-1000 USD/drum(excluding shipping charge)

Bank transfer, PayPal

10 drums

Conditions of Products
/ Parts Inventory
Orders from Individual Acceptable
Delivery Time Less than 2week(s)
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Cetane Improver, Diesel detergent(DW-01)

Cetane Improver, Diesel detergent(DW-01)

Offer to sell products / parts

Hiroshima, Japan

Aug 10, 2016 RegistrationAug 15, 2016 Revision

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