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Abrasives for Sandblasting (Glass Beads, BFA, WFA, From 20kg)

Proposal Number : 1144226       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Jun 12, 2014
Date of Revision : Jun 12, 2014
Country / AreaTokyo, Japan 
Proposal Category 1904 Glass and glass products (sheet glass, mirrors, bottles, others)
1902 Ceramics other than chinaware
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas


Fuji's glass beads are spherical and used for uniform satin finish without cutting workpiece surface more than necessary.

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Detail Description

Abrasives for Sandblasting (Glass Beads, BFA, WFA, From 20kg)

We supply Abrasives for Sandblasting.

1."Fuji Glass Beads"
Spherical particle, and have little cutting function.
There are a wide variety of particle sizes and selection.
You can create a subtle surface.
-Hardness: 6.5 (new Mohs)
-HV600 (Vickers hardness)
-Specific gravity: True specific gravity 2.5, Bulk specific gravity 1.6
-Minimum lot:20KG

2. "Fuji Rundum A" (Brown fused alumina)
Standard brown,fused alumina-based abrasive media.
Widely, and generally used.
Particles have sharp edges and moderate toughness.
As special features, grinding force is high, and the amount of dust generated due to repetitive use is small.
-Hardness: 12.0 (new Mohs)
-HK2090 (knoop hardness)
-Specific gravity: True specific gravity 3.93, Bulk specific gravity 1.95
-Minimum lot: 25KG

3. "Fuji Rundum WA" (White fused alumina)
White fused alumina-based abrasive media containing a large portion of alumina components.
Most appropriate for the products of which users hate a residue of iron, or discoloration.
High purity alumina-based abrasive media generated by melting burnt alumina in an electric furnace and controlling the size and formation of the crystal, then purifying.
For it's high hardness and moderate toughness,it is appropriate for hard, and tarnishable work materials.
-Hardness: 12.0 (new Mohs)
-HK2050 (knoop hardness)
-Specific gravity: True specific gravity 3.54, Bulk specific gravity 1.76
-Minimum lot: 25KG

*Ingredient and Particle size distribution
For particle size distribution and chemical component of each abrasive, please refer to the following registered images.

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