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CSD Insulation Tester for Electro-Surgery Instrument

Proposal Number : 1140858       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Aug 28, 2013
Date of Revision : Aug 28, 2013
Country / AreaN-Br., Netherlands 
Proposal Category 3111 Mineral fuels testing instruments, material testing instruments, parts there of and accessories
3104 Medical and veterinary equipment
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas


Electro-surgery instrument insulation tester for use in Hospital Sterilisation Departments

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Detail Description

CSD Insulation Tester for Electro-Surgery Instrument

More and more hospital operations are performed using electro-surgical instruments, which enter the human body through small "key holes" together with an endoscopic viewing tube. This is also called minimal invasive surgery.

These instruments are operated with a high electrical voltage of typically between 3000 and 8000 Volts. The long tube of these instruments is covered with an electrically isolating insulation layer, so that the electrical currents only flow through the instrument's tip. Otherwise, these currents may cause severe injuries.

The insulation layers, however, degrade by utilisation, sterilisation at high temperature, and aging. So, their isolation quality should be verified continuously, preferable before each usage in operations.

We developed the "CSD insulation tester" for regular usage in the Central Sterlisation Departments in hospitals. The tester applies a very high voltages so it can find small holes and cracks. The higher the test voltage, the better you will find the microscopic small holes in an early stage before they eventually become visible defects. Just compare this to a coffee machine, which is used at 110/220 V but is tested at 1000 V.

We developed the tester according to the international standards. One standard defines the test voltage in comparison to the voltage at which the instruments are used under normal conditions. The other standard specifies how the tester itself must be safe for the operator.

This non-destructive tester is CE certified. It is very easy to use and 100% safe, so that also personnel without technical background can quickly learn to operate it.

*Delivery time
8-12 weeks, Exworks Veldhoven, Netherlands

*Sales Results
several units sold to Dutch hospitals

14900 Euro excl. VAT

30 days after invoice date

1 unit

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