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Firebox for Biomass (For Japan only)

Proposal Number : 1140573       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Aug 05, 2013
Date of Revision : Aug 05, 2013
Country / AreaPortugal 
Proposal Category 8403 Industrial waste pollution control
2709 Other industrial machineries
Target Country / Area JAPAN



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Detail Description

Firebox for Biomass (For Japan only)

Our FireBox is one of the best solutions to process the wood debris caused by the TSUNAMI.

Air Curtain Burners, also called FireBoxes, were designed principally as a pollution control device. The primary objective of an air curtain machine is to reduce the particulate matter (PM) or smoke, which results from burning clean wood waste.

This is very similar to starting a campfire. The air curtain is not engaged until the fire has grown in strength or the air curtain may blow the fire out. Once the fire has reached suitable strength, usually in 15 to 20 minutes, the air curtain is engaged. The air curtain then runs at steady state throughout the burn operation and the waste wood is loaded at a rate consistent with the rate of burn.

Our smallest machine will burn at a rate of 1 to 2 ton per hour, our largest machine can burn in excess of 10 tons per hour.

The ash from typical wood waste is a very useful soil additive and as such offers a commodity that can be marketed to plant nurseries, farms, etc. as a potting soil additive. Recycling our resources is not only socially and politically imperative, but it often reaps the additional benefit of tax incentives or tax credits.
Solid waste landfills are diminishing rapidly, and permits are difficult to secure for new sites. The Air Burners System provides an affordable and environmentally sound alternative to grinding and the indiscriminate depositing of woody debris into landfills.

Among several Portable models, easy to move from one spot to another, we do have also a Power Gen Firebox, which means that the PG FireBox model will produce energy at the same time as it is a Biomass Waste Solution.

*Sales Results
Many units installed in USA and recommended by Forest Service and many States in the country

Starting at US$100.000 depending on the models


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