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Combustion Catalyst ("CC-88", cleaner coal technology)

Proposal Number : 1133688       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Jul 18, 2012
Date of Revision : Jul 18, 2012
Country / AreaNew York, U.S.A. 
Proposal Category 0502 Catalysts, additives, gelatin, casein
8500 Energy-saving technologies
8401 Air pollution control
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas


"CC-88" in 250KG Drum

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Detail Description

Combustion Catalyst - cleaner coal technology

*Product features
"CC-88" COMBUSTION CATALYST Boiler Fireside Chemical Treatment - Solid Fuel Combustion Catalyst Used On Coal, Pet-coke and Wood
Improves combustion efficiency of solid fuel-fired industrial, utility boilers.
Helps boilers to fire at a consistent rate, assisting boiler to achieve maximum load.
Reduces stack losses of unburned carbon and reduces unburned carbon in fly ash.
Allows operation at lower excess air, reducing plume opacity and reducing NOx.
Keeps PM (particulate matters) emissions under control.

*Description and Use
"CC-88" is a dry granular combustion catalyst. "CC-88" promotes more rapid and complete combustion. "CC-88" will reduce CO, O2 and PM10 & PM2.5 particulate in the flue gases. "CC-88" is particularly useful on lower GCV coal types. Improves ash quality.

*Typical Applications
-"CC-88" is for boilers with operating problems of higher LOI (carbon-in-ash) that reduce boiler efficiencies.
-"CC-88" addresses problems with PM emissions, slagging, fouling and plugging, reducing maintenance costs.
-"CC-88" promotes much cleaner heat transfer surfaces.
-"CC-88" reduces O2 levels in emissions that lower NOx emissions and smoking.
-"CC-88" helps to reduce SO2/ SO3 causing cold-end corrosion that damage boiler casings, economizers, air pre-heaters and metal breechings.

*Treatment and Feeding Requirements
Proper treatment levels for "CC-88" depend on many factors such as fuel type, operating characteristics of the system and severity of problems.
Therefore this product should be used accordingly to the control parameter we establishes for a specific application.
Usual dosage is in the range of 500-900 ppm.

*ackaging Information
"CC-88" is available in a wide variety of customized containers and delivery methods.
Contact your local distributor representative for details.

*Safety Precautions
A Material Safety Data Sheet containing detailed information about this product is available on request.

Prices available upon request



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"CC-88" in 250KG Drum

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